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  1. Lunar eclipse
  2. Solstice
  3. Eclipse
  4. Revolution
  5. Equinox
  1. a the circling of one object around another object; a year on Earth is based on 365 ¼ days for revolving around the Sun
  2. b the shadow caused by a body blocking the light from another
  3. c either of two days during the year when the tilt of Earth causes the length of day to be the longest or the shortest
  4. d when Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the Sun's light so that Earth's shadow is cast over the Moon
  5. e either of two days during the year when the Sun is directly above the equator; daylight and night are the same length

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  1. when the Moon is directly between the Sun and Earth, blocking the Sun's light casting a shadow over a certain area on Earth
  2. a mass of glowing gas looping out from the surface of the Sun, usually near sunspots
  3. the slightly oval shape of Earth's orbit around the Sun
  4. the central line around which the Earth spins is not straight up-and-down but is slanted at a 23 ½ degree tilt
  5. a mass of frozen gases and rock particles that orbits the Sun

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  1. Phases of the Moona small slice of the lighted side of the Moon is facing Earth


  2. Meteoroida piece of rock, smaller than a planet, that orbits the Sun; many are found orbiting in a region between Mars and Jupiter


  3. Galaxyregions in outer space made up of billions of stars, gas, and dust clouds; they have different shapes - elliptical, spiral, irregular


  4. Waning phasesthe lighted side of the Moon gradually decreases


  5. Spectroscopean optical instrument that separates the light given off by an object into bands of different colors; can be used to identify elements in a star


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