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  1. Concurrent Resolution
  2. Joint Resolution
  3. "Christmas Tree" Bill
  4. Private Calendar
  5. Strom Thurmond
  1. a House decides when bill gets passed
    all private bills go here
  2. b 1957, spoke the longest ever in the Senate, 24 hours and 13 min
  3. c passed by both Houses, not sent to Pres
  4. d bill that has many Riders
  5. e passed by both House ans Senate, if signed by Pres, has force of law

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  1. condition decided by Rules Committee, allow for debate or amendments
  2. condition decided by Rules Committee, cannot kill a bill on a technicality
  3. to kill a bill
  4. House decides when bill gets passed
    all appropriation bills go here
  5. having something to do with the bill

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  1. Public Billaffect country as a whole


  2. Arranging a Conferencecondition decided by Rules Committee, send to floor, vote


  3. Lobbyistsomeone who works for a special interest group to convince/encourage Congressmen to do things in best interest of group hired by, most effective technique is personal contact


  4. Executive Session/Markupscommittee has closed door meetings to finalize the version of the bill, during Committee Hearing


  5. Clotureway to end a filibuster, need 16 Senators to sign petition to bring it to a vote, 60 Senators required for vote win, if happens, each Senator can talk for one hour each