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  1. Closed Rules
  2. Lobbyist
  3. Private Bill
  4. Discharge Petition
  5. Private Calendar
  1. a House decides when bill gets passed
    all private bills go here
  2. b someone who works for a special interest group to convince/encourage Congressmen to do things in best interest of group hired by, most effective technique is personal contact
  3. c affect a single person or group
  4. d condition decided by Rules Committee, severely restrict or cut off debate or amendments
  5. e bill has to be in House Proper Committee for 30 days, and get a majority of 218 signatures in order for it to pass through

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  1. passed by either House or Senate
  2. condition decided by Rules Committee, send to floor, vote
  3. statement of opinion passed by legislative body
  4. bill that has many Riders
  5. raising or sepnding of money

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  1. House CalendarHouse decides when bill gets passed
    all appropriation bills go here


  2. Immunityproposed new law, anyone can write it but only a Congressman can present it


  3. Joint Resolutionpassed by either House or Senate


  4. Rules Committeein House, acts as a traffic cop, decides when the bill gets passed/pigeon holed and under what conditions


  5. Open Rulescondition decided by Rules Committee, allow for debate or amendments