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  1. Arranging a Conference
  2. Waiving Points of Order
  3. Appropriations Bill
  4. Private Bill
  5. Public Bill
  1. a affect a single person or group
  2. b condition decided by Rules Committee, cannot kill a bill on a technicality
  3. c affect country as a whole
  4. d condition decided by Rules Committee, send to floor, vote
  5. e raising or sepnding of money

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  1. bill that has many Riders
  2. someone who works for a special interest group to convince/encourage Congressmen to do things in best interest of group hired by, most effective technique is personal contact
  3. Pres does nothing with the bill when sent to him, the Houses don't stay in session, killing the bill
  4. only in Senate, amendment added to a bill that has nothing to do with the bill (introduce one after the next), delay tactic
  5. statement of opinion passed by legislative body

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  1. Simple Resolutionpassed by either House or Senate


  2. Open Rulescondition decided by Rules Committee, allow for debate or amendments


  3. Rules Committeestatement of opinion passed by legislative body


  4. House CalendarHouse decides when bill gets passed
    all appropriation bills go here


  5. Germaneway to end a filibuster, need 16 Senators to sign petition to bring it to a vote, 60 Senators required for vote win, if happens, each Senator can talk for one hour each


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