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Which term refers to all the mental activities associated wit thinking, knowing, remembering and communicating?


a prototype is a

best example of a particular category

an algorithm is

methodical step-by-step procedure for solving problems

simple thinking strategies that allow us to solve problems and make judgments efficiently are called. . .


the inability to see a problem from a new perspective is called. . .


the indelible memories of the 9/11 terrorist tragedy unduly inflated many peoples estimates of the risks associated with air travel. this best illustrates the importance of . .

the availability heuristics

stockbroker often believe that their own expertise will enable them to select stocks that will outperform the market average. this belief best illustrates. . .


an unwillingness to give up our beliefs even when the evidence proves us wrong is called. . .

belief perseverance

although intuition can at time hinder rationality, it is often valuable because it facilitates

quick decisions

consumers respond more positively to ground beef advertised as "75% lean" than to ground beef described as "25% fat". this illustrates that consumer reactions are influenced by


the earliest stage of speech development is called the ________ stage.


Noam Chomsky has emphasized that the acquisition of language by children facilitated by

an inborn readiness to learn grammatical rules.

the best evidence that there is a critical period for language acquisition is the fact that

people most easily master the grammar of a second language during childhood.

Whorf's linguistic determinism hypo thesis emphasizes that

words shape the way people think

Research on the language capabilities of apes clearly demonstrates that they

can communicate through the use of symbols

psychologists are most likely to question whether chips have the capacity to

use complex grammar

the characteristics of savant syndrome most directly suggest that intelligence is

a diverse set of distinct abilities.

the ability to produce novel and valuable ideas is called


the ability to delay immediate pleasure in pursuit of long-range rewards is most clearly a characteristic of emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence

a test that measure or predicts what it is supposed to is said to have a high degree of


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