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Bio Chapter 37

How do plants obtain organic molecules?
Plants synthesize their own organic molecules.
How do prokaryotes contribute to plant health?
Prokaryotes fix atmospheric nitrogen; Prokaryotes secrete chemicals that stimulate plant growth and protect plant roots from disease.
Identify the components of the rhizosphere, the soil layer that surrounds plant roots.
dirt; bacteria; fungi
The release of CO2 into the soil results in the formation of _____.
hydrogen ions and carbonate ions
What process is the source of the CO2 that root hairs release into the soil?
The binding of H+ ions to soil particles _____.
displaces mineral cations
Which of these ions is most likely to be leached from the soil?
chlorine ions
Acid precipitation _____ soil fertility.
How do cations enter root hairs?
What are the largest particles formed from the breakdown of rock?
Why is the decomposition of dead organisms important for soil formation?
The process adds organic matter to the soil, which is necessary to support the growth of larger plants.