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Germany 1918-1923 GCSE

a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch
9th November 1918
Abdication of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm- Germany became a republic
After WW1
Armistice signed- 11/11/1918 11am (led to)
people become outraged as they felt stabbed in the back ,
defeated and angry that the struggle had been in vain
political instability due to the abdication
flu epidemic -killed
economic- war costs
Spartacists league up rise
communist party , too over turn the government and for country to be run by workers.
riots took place in the streets, took over government buildings.
Ebert employed free crops to brutally kill the leaders
Treaty of Versailles T.R.A.W.L
Reparations - 6.6 billion most to France
Army- no submarines, tanks or planes
War guilt clause
League of nations
Hyperinflation more money printed so the value goes down but the price of objects increase
-workers wages increased as goods increased