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Capoeira was developed in maroon communities, like what we learned in what country?


Who brought carnaval to New World? Is it sacred or secular? What did celebration involve?

Portuguese; Sacred b/c pre-Lenten celebration; Parade including military bands & marching string and wind

Blacks & mulatos allowed to participate in carnaval after what historical event?

Abolition (1888)

Samba schools have ___ (few or many) members & work all year long on ____.

Many; Carnaval (parade)

What type of instruments would you see in samba parade during carnaval? What is percussion section called?

Cavaquinho (ukulele), guitars, & percussion ensemble ( surdo, caixa, cuíca); Batería

What did it mean to Luisiana in documentary to participate in carnaval? What cultures are reflected & represented during carnaval?

National identity, pride, religious act; Afro-Brazilian & Portuguese

How did Samba become popular in U.S? (2 examples)

Carmen Miranda- "Tico-Tico" (1947, Ary Barroso); Disney's
Saludos Amigos (1942)- "Aquarela do Brasil"

How is bossa nova different than samba? Derived from which continent's song traditions? Similar to what guitar-based styles?

Cool, slow, romantic; European; Son

What socioeconomic/ racial demographic tended to be most involved in bossa nova? What do lyrics tend to be about? Why does lyrical context make sense given socio-economic demographic?

White, middle class; Romance; During 1950s-1960s(prosperous times)

What international genre were bossa nova musicians & composers influenced by? How did this come full circle in 1960s?

Jazz; Influenced U.S. jazz artists to create jazz samba

Tom (Antonio) Jobim (___, ___), João Gilberto
(___), Astrud Gilberto (___), Stan Getz (___)

Piano, composer; Guitar; Vocals; Sax

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