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  1. John Steinbeck
  2. infrastructure
  3. decline
  4. fireside chats
  5. sit-down strike
  1. a workers stay in the factory but stop porduction
  2. b radio talks introduced by Pres. Roosevelt
  3. c underlying foundation on which a community or nation depends, such as its roads, bridges, etc.
  4. d writer who wrote books that helped people cope with the Depression
  5. e to lose strength or power over time

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  1. the right of a union to negotiate wages ad benefits for all its members
  2. a situation in which the supply of manufactured goods exceeds the demand
  3. top ranking African American in the government
  4. retirement payments
  5. Secretary of Labor who created the Social Security Act

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  1. Eleanor RooseveltFDR's wife who was an active First Lady


  2. Hoovervillescreated the Indian New Deal


  3. John Collierformed CIO union


  4. Huey Longretirement payments


  5. John L. Lewiscreated the Indian New Deal