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  1. Mary McLeod Bethune
  2. bankruptcy
  3. Mariah Anderson
  4. soap operas
  5. Huey Long
  1. a financial failure caused by a company's inability to pay its debts
  2. b African American singer who sang at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday
  3. c a democratic governor form Louisiana who said the government can end the Depression immediately
  4. d continuing dramas sponsored by soap companies
  5. e top ranking African American in the government

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  1. underlying foundation on which a community or nation depends, such as its roads, bridges, etc.
  2. a situation in which the supply of manufactured goods exceeds the demand
  3. October 29, 1929- the day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began
  4. to lose strength or power over time
  5. FDR's wife who was an active First Lady

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  1. fireside chatsto lose strength or power over time


  2. sit-down strikeworkers stay in the factory but stop porduction


  3. John Steinbeckcreated the Indian New Deal


  4. deficit spendingSecretary of Labor who created the Social Security Act


  5. Dorothea Langeher photos were considered the symbol of the Great Depression