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  1. decline
  2. Francis Townsend
  3. Huey Long
  4. Hoovervilles
  5. Francis PErkins
  1. a communities if rundown shacks where the poor, homeless people lived
  2. b California doctor who called for pensions
  3. c to lose strength or power over time
  4. d Secretary of Labor who created the Social Security Act
  5. e a democratic governor form Louisiana who said the government can end the Depression immediately

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  1. underlying foundation on which a community or nation depends, such as its roads, bridges, etc.
  2. to fail to repay one's loans
  3. her photos were considered the symbol of the Great Depression
  4. African American singer who sang at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday
  5. retirement payments

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  1. Eleanor RooseveltOctober 29, 1929- the day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began


  2. Black Tuesdayfinancial failure caused by a company's inability to pay its debts


  3. John Steinbeckcreated the Indian New Deal


  4. overproductiona situation in which the supply of manufactured goods exceeds the demand


  5. Mary McLeod BethuneAfrican American singer who sang at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday


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