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  1. Enzyme Deficiency: B-hexamidase A
    Accumulated: Ganglioside (GM2)
    Characteristics: Progressive neurodegeneration, blindness, developmental milestone delay, datal by 2-3 years, Cherry red spot on macula, Onion shell like inclusions
  2. Enzyme Deficiency: Iduronic sulfatase
    Accumulated: Dermatan sulfate, Heparin Sulfate
    Characteristics: Coarse facial features, hepatosplenomegaly, mental retardation, X-linked recessive
  3. Enzyme Deficiency: Sphingomyelinase
    Accumulated: Sphingomyelin / sphingophospholipid
    Type A - Affects neurons, 2-3 years of age
    Type B - Affects liver/spleen, later in childhood, hepatosplenomegaly, Cherry red spot in macula, Foamy appearing cells

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  1. Gauchers - Enzyme deficiency, Accumulated compound, CharacteristicsEnzyme Deficiency: B-glucosidase / glucocerebrosidase
    Accumulated: Glucocerebroside / glucosyl ceremide
    Characteristics: Most common LSD, Crumpled tissue paper cytoplasm, adult form most common, osteoperosis of long bones, hepatosplenomegaly


  2. I-Cell - Enzyme deficiency, Accumulated compound, CharacteristicsEnzyme Deficiency: mannose-6-P markers
    Accumulated: GAGs, sphingolipids, mucopolysaccharides, high lysosomal enzymes
    Characteristics: Similar to hurler, hepatomegaly, gum disorders, limited joint movement, short stature