34 terms

World History, Modern Times, Chapter 12.1 + 13.1-13.2

Enclosure Movement
Allowed landowners to fence off public land
People who control industry and started businesses
Cottage Industry
Another name for Britain's massive cotton industry that employed thousands of workers to make large quantities of cloth
James Watt
Invented Steam Engine
Allowed industrialist to produce a high quality iron
Robert Fulton
Built first paddle-wheel steamboat
Industrial Capitalism
Economic system built on industrial production
Form of government where the government owns all of the factors of production and distributes them among its citizens
Robert Owen
British cotton manufacturer who was a Utopian socialist
Thomas Edison
Invented the light bulb
Alexander Graham Bell
Invented the telephone
Guglielmo Marconi
Invented radio
Assembly line
New manufacturing method pioneered by Henry Ford in 1913
Mass Production
Producing a large number of goods at a cheap cost
Karl Marx
Wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 and pioneered the idea of Socialism
Industrial Middle Class made of factory owners
Industrial working class who wished to overthrow the Bourgeoisie
A government where a person or small group of people held absolute power
Another name for Marxists or those who supported his ideas
Movement of women's rights
Amalie Sieveking
Nursing pioneer who founded the Female Association for the Care of the Poor and Sick
Right to vote
Emmeline Pankhurst
Founded the Women's Social and Political Union
Ability to read
Flying Shuttle
Made weaving faster
Spinning Jenny
Allowed spinners to make thread / yarn faster
Water Powered Loom
Used the power of rivers to make weaving faster
Richard Trevithick
Built the first steam locomotive
George Stephenson
Improved on the steam locomotive and built the first rail line
Thomas Malthus
Predicted worldwide famine and poverty because of food shortages
Henry Bessemer
Patented new process for making steel
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Invented the first airplane
Henry Ford
Pioneered the assembly line and made the first car