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  1. celestial
  2. terrestrial
  3. farce
  4. inarticulate
  5. indigenous
  1. a heavenly, of the sky (adj)
  2. b comic dramatic work based on ludicrously improbably events, absurdly futile proceedings (noun)
  3. c of or on the earth or dry land (adj)
  4. d unable to speak clearly (adj)
  5. e native, occurring naturally in a region (adj)

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  1. to slander (verb)/ injurious (adj)
  2. to prevent something from being seen, heard, or known (verb)
  3. partially similar or parallel (adj)
  4. mutual trust and sociability among friends (noun)
  5. tamed, toned down (adj)

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  1. haughtyarrogantly self-admiring (adj)


  2. gibberishmeaningless speech, nonsense (noun)


  3. unfazednot disconcerted, remaining poised (adj)


  4. prudentcompany of actors or other performers (noun)


  5. implicateto pacify or mollify (verb)