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  1. foresight
  2. supple
  3. deprivation
  4. analogous
  5. quench
  1. a ability to think ahead and provide what will be needed (noun)
  2. b flexible, pliant (adj)
  3. c state of lacking something (housing, food, employment, love) (noun)
  4. d partially similar or parallel (adj)
  5. e to satisfy (thirst) by drinking (verb)

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  1. more than enough, needless (adj)
  2. to amass, collect a supply (verb)
  3. to pacify or mollify (verb)
  4. sense of doom, expectation of trouble (noun)
  5. decrease in importance (verb)/ decline (noun)

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  1. surmiseflexible, pliant (adj)


  2. avidfrank, not hiding ones thoughts (adj)


  3. anticlimaxdisappointingly trivial conclusion to something significant (noun)


  4. repugnantdisgusting, something aversive (adj)


  5. futileflexible, pliant (adj)