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  1. stifle
  2. chasm
  3. avid
  4. denunciation
  5. inarticulate
  1. a deep fissure or opening in the earth or rock, wide difference in attitudes or interests (noun)
  2. b to smother or suppress (e.g. yawn) (verb)
  3. c eager, enthusiastic (adj)
  4. d unable to speak clearly (adj)
  5. e public condemnation (noun)

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  1. not original, coming from another source (ex: music, idea) (adj)
  2. to floor or overwhelm (verb)
  3. heavenly, of the sky (adj)
  4. a long vehement denunciation (noun)
  5. inspiring fear or dread (adj)

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  1. razecompletely destroy or tear down (verb)


  2. terrestrialof or on the earth or dry land (adj)


  3. succulenttamed, toned down (adj)


  4. minutecompany of actors or other performers (noun)


  5. aversionstrong antipathy (noun)