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  1. indigenous
  2. derivative
  3. remunerative
  4. concur
  5. analogous
  1. a rewarding (adj)
  2. b native, occurring naturally in a region (adj)
  3. c partially similar or parallel (adj)
  4. d not original, coming from another source (ex: music, idea) (adj)
  5. e to agree (verb)

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  1. comic dramatic work based on ludicrously improbably events, absurdly futile proceedings (noun)
  2. to condemn, accuse publicly (verb)
  3. very small, accurate, detailed precise (adj)
  4. to pacify or mollify (verb)
  5. opinion or practice contrary to whats normally accepted (noun)

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  1. temperatemoderate, avoiding extremes (adj)


  2. stifleflexible, pliant (adj)


  3. stalematedeadlock (noun)


  4. subduedtamed, toned down (adj)


  5. surmisemake a guess (verb) / conjecture (noun)