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  1. diffuse
  2. gibberish
  3. breach
  4. minute
  5. virtuoso
  1. a to spread out (verb)/ spread out (non concentrated) (adj)
  2. b to break a law, contract, or treaty in a relationship (verb)/ such a break (noun)
  3. c meaningless speech, nonsense (noun)
  4. d person highly skilled in a fine art (noun)
  5. e very small, accurate, detailed precise (adj)

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  1. juicy, palatable (fruit, meat) (adj)
  2. concise (adj)
  3. overexcited (adj)
  4. partially similar or parallel (adj)
  5. completely destroy or tear down (verb)

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  1. impairto damage or weaken (verb)


  2. unfazednot disconcerted, remaining poised (adj)


  3. camaraderiemutual trust and sociability among friends (noun)


  4. euphemismto prevent something from being seen, heard, or known (verb)


  5. subduedresentful, sulky (adj)


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