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  1. sullen
  2. qualified
  3. stalemate
  4. franchise
  5. inundate
  1. a to floor or overwhelm (verb)
  2. b deadlock (noun)
  3. c not definite (yes or no) because dependent on other factors (adj)
  4. d resentful, sulky (adj)
  5. e authorization granted by a company to sell its goods or services in a certain way (verb)/ pro sports teams (noun)

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  1. destiny, how actions in previous lives decide your future state (noun)
  2. young bird, inexperienced person (noun)
  3. to disable (verb)
  4. eager, enthusiastic (adj)
  5. gap in a series, break (noun)

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  1. surmiseuseless, ineffectual (adj)


  2. incoherentunable to speak clearly and/or logically (adj)


  3. chameleonstrong antipathy (noun)


  4. denounceto narrate in detail, to count again (adj)


  5. troupecompany of actors or other performers (noun)


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