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  1. deprivation
  2. incoherent
  3. farce
  4. pivotal
  5. haughty
  1. a comic dramatic work based on ludicrously improbably events, absurdly futile proceedings (noun)
  2. b unable to speak clearly and/or logically (adj)
  3. c crucial person or point (eg in a scheme or enterprise) (adj)
  4. d state of lacking something (housing, food, employment, love) (noun)
  5. e arrogantly self-admiring (adj)

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  1. to discourage someone because of fear or dislike of consequences (verb)
  2. hollow between two wave crests (noun)
  3. to damage or weaken (verb)
  4. fragile, delicate (adj)
  5. decrease in importance (verb)/ decline (noun)

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  1. surmiseuseless, ineffectual (adj)


  2. incapacitateto disable (verb)


  3. denunciationto pronounce clearly, express an idea in definite terms (verb)


  4. meekhumble and submissive, piously gentle (adj)


  5. concurto agree (verb)