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amoeba: what it looks like

no fixed shape
grow and wrap
forms pseudopods:bugles in the cell that help it move and eat

amoeba: how and what they eat

grow and wrap pseutopods around food forming a food vacuole: where food is absorbed and broken down
feeds on bacteria and smaller protists

amoeba: how to reproduces

binary fission

amoeba: where it's found


Paramecium: what they look like

has a cilia: hair-like structure that helps it move and eat
has small and large nuclei

Paramecium: How and what they eat

the cilia moves through two oral groove: where the food enters the cell
fees on bacteria and smaller protests

Paramecium: how to reproduce

binary fission

Paramecium: where there found


Euglena: what they look like

use flagellum to move
use eyespot to detect sunlight
their green he cause they contain chlorophyll
a green pigment that helps photosynthesis

Euglena: how and what they eat

water troves when sunlight is available
header trims when sunlight is not available
also feed on other smallsmaller protists

Euglena: how they reproduce

binary fission

Euglena: where there found


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