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  1. consequences and criticisms of TANF
  2. Types of Taxes
  3. where do the majority of pollutants come from?
  4. Non-tax Revenue
  5. Proportional Tax
  1. a Sales
    Motor Fuels
    Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
    Tobacco and Alcohol
    Insurance Occupation
  2. b -petro chemical industries
    -vehicles in major metropolitan areas
    -unregulated trucking interests from Mexico
  3. c it has not reduced the number of children born out of wedlock
    -most former recipients can not get out of poverty on the amount given to them
    -when recipients leave the TANF rolls they also loose their benefits of Medicaid and foodstamps
  4. d A levy that weighs equally on all persons, regardless of their income

    EX: Income tax without deductions or exemptions
  5. e -federal grants
    -the lottery
    -college tuition and user fees
    -drivers licenses fees
    -fishing licenses fees

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  1. a form of national health insurance for the elderly and disabled
  2. 1)properties taxable
    2) tax rate
    3) per student allocation
  3. oversees state agencies to ensure the legality of their expenditures
  4. recruiting new industries
    -government installations
    -encourage the expansion of small businesses
    -foster a "good" business environment
  5. a census and are reported after general population figures are made available

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  1. public policy-the overall purpose behind individual government decisions and programs
    -result of public officials setting priorities by creating the budget, making official decisions, and passing laws


  2. work related welfareresponsible for tax collection, investments, and the safeguarding of public funds.


  3. welfare to workfare pros-self-esteem
    -gainful employment
    -freed up public $


  4. Entitlementa legal obligation of the federal government to provide payments to individuals according to eligibility criteria or benefit rules


  5. The Highway Motor Fuel FundThe General Revenue Fund: supports the most state programs.