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  1. Article VII, Section 1
  2. Entitlement
  3. Proportional Tax
  4. Federal agency of environmental administration
  5. Medicare
  1. a a form of national health insurance for the elderly and disabled
  2. b EPA
  3. c A levy that weighs equally on all persons, regardless of their income

    EX: Income tax without deductions or exemptions
  4. d a legal obligation of the federal government to provide payments to individuals according to eligibility criteria or benefit rules
  5. e no state as valorem tax shall be levied upon any property within the state
    -as a result, the state may not set any state wide property tax on all properties within the state
    -as a result localities must set their own tax rates to accumulate the needed funds to provide an education to students

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  1. now in the form of a debt card that is used to purchase food from grocery stores
    "lonestar card"
  2. The General Revenue Fund: supports the most state programs.
  3. contributory program in which one pays into and then can later draw from when they hit retirement age
  4. Texas' tax system is ranked 5th amoung states with the most regressive tax systems: meaning it is quite regressive
    -some tax advocates argue that we should institute a personal income tax to make our tax system more progressive
  5. The Omnibus Tax Clearance Fund
    The General Revenue Fund
    The Available School Fund
    The Highway Motor Fuel Fund
    The State Highway Fund

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  1. what was the average number of students in public elementary from 2008-2009470 students


  2. goals of social policyequality of opportunity
    assisting the poor
    relieve poverty
    (all controversial)


  3. franchisetax on the production of oil, gas, and other minerals


  4. economic development (how?)recruiting new industries
    -government installations
    -encourage the expansion of small businesses
    -foster a "good" business environment


  5. types of welfare programsSales
    Motor Fuels
    Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
    Tobacco and Alcohol
    Insurance Occupation