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  1. social policies
  2. what are poverty stats based on?
  3. what are the results of the discrepancy between schools?
  4. welfare to workfare cons
  5. Social Security
  1. a a census and are reported after general population figures are made available
  2. b contributory program in which one pays into and then can later draw from when they hit retirement age
  3. c poor districts:
    -facility maintenance decreases
    -teacher salary decreases
    -number of students per class increases
    -new educational supplies and equipment are harder to secure
    -curriculum deteriorates and becomes inadequate
    -overall resources decrease
  4. d promote public goals and try to protect against insecurities and risks
    examples:disability, unemployment, retirement, child welfare, illness
  5. e -time limits for aid
    -ended flexibility of work requirement
    -takes single parents out of home

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  1. responsible for tax collection, investments, and the safeguarding of public funds.
  2. The comptroller
    The auditor
  3. Sales
    Motor Fuels
    Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
    Tobacco and Alcohol
    Insurance Occupation
  4. texas water development board
  5. recruiting new industries
    -government installations
    -encourage the expansion of small businesses
    -foster a "good" business environment

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  1. Edgewood ISD vs. Kirbyparents of students in edgewood isd vs. texas comissioner of education, state of texas


  2. Severancea form of national health insurance for the elderly and disabled


  3. goals of social policyequality of opportunity
    assisting the poor
    relieve poverty
    (all controversial)


  4. The Omnibus Tax Clearance FundMoney for the General Revenue Fund and the Available School Fund are allocated through the Omnibus Fund


  5. Revenue:Taxesgeneral sales tax
    Severance taxes on oil and gas production
    Motor vehicle sales and rental
    Motor fuels tax
    Taxes on alcohol and tobacco products
    Insurance company tax
    Utility taxes


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