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  1. The State Highway Fund
  2. The Highway Motor Fuel Fund
  3. Entitlement
  4. welfare to workfare pros
  5. goals of social policy
  1. a 1/4th of which goes to the Available School Fund

    The remainder to highways and roads
  2. b equality of opportunity
    assisting the poor
    relieve poverty
    (all controversial)
  3. c Used for purposes related to the construction and maintenance of highways and roads
  4. d -self-esteem
    -gainful employment
    -freed up public $
  5. e a legal obligation of the federal government to provide payments to individuals according to eligibility criteria or benefit rules

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  1. -$40,934
    -5th poorest state in the US
  2. followed categorical grants and was distributed by formula to state and local governments for whatever they needed or wanted
    -GRS ended for states in 1979 and for cities in 1986
  3. -the overall purpose behind individual government decisions and programs
    -result of public officials setting priorities by creating the budget, making official decisions, and passing laws
  4. oversees state agencies to ensure the legality of their expenditures
  5. A levy that weighs equally on all persons, regardless of their income

    EX: Income tax without deductions or exemptions

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  1. The Omnibus Tax Clearance FundMoney for the General Revenue Fund and the Available School Fund are allocated through the Omnibus Fund


  2. state agency for environmental mattersTexas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ)


  3. noncontributory programssocial programs financed in whole by taxation or other mandatory contributions by their present or future recipients
    examples:medicare and social security


  4. Social Securitycontributory program in which one pays into and then can later draw from when they hit retirement age


  5. social policiespromote public goals and try to protect against insecurities and risks
    examples:disability, unemployment, retirement, child welfare, illness


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