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  1. what is the median household income for texas?
  2. auditor
  3. land quality problems in texas
  4. what are welfare programs funded by?
  5. who sets the standards for emission limits regarding air pollution
  1. a -the federal government
    -state governments
  2. b -erosion
    -loss of mineral deposits
    -erosion of beaches and shipping channels
    -destruction of landscape
    -where to put waste
    -what waste to store
  3. c -$40,934
    -5th poorest state in the US
  4. d TCEQ
  5. e oversees state agencies to ensure the legality of their expenditures

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  1. tax on the production of oil, gas, and other minerals
  2. now in the form of a debt card that is used to purchase food from grocery stores
    "lonestar card"
  3. districts are primarily funded through local property taxes
    -the amounts of monies raised in districts can vary significantly and can create drastic difference in the funds available
    -due to this discrepancy poor districts have high property tax rates while wealthy districts can have low property tax rates
  4. -social security
    -Food Stamps
  5. A levy whose burden weighs more heavily on low-income groups than wealthy taxpayers

    Sales and excise tax
    Sales and excise taxes are regressive because lower-income individuals spend a greater proportion of their incomes on taxable items than do members of middle-and upper-income groups

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  1. Categorical grants-in-aid (federal grant)texas water development board


  2. welfare to workfare cons-time limits for aid
    -ended flexibility of work requirement
    -takes single parents out of home


  3. what are poverty stats based on?-the federal government
    -state governments


  4. franchisea form of national health insurance for the elderly and disabled


  5. Social Securitya legal obligation of the federal government to provide payments to individuals according to eligibility criteria or benefit rules