WW 17

15 terms by carodancer77

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exercising sole or complete control, dictatorial; one who exercises total control; a domineering person; absolute rule by a single person


capable of destroying tissue by chemical action; corrosive; Very sarcastic, sharp or biting.


to impair the strength of; to enfeeble


marked by deception; deceit in speech or actions; deliberate deception


a representative sent on a special errand


happily suited to an occasion or situation, appropriate and graceful. Marked by happiness or good fortune; pleasant; charming.


direct; straightforward; frank


being habitually without money; poor


of an unhealthy yellow appearance. Affected by jealousy, resentment, or hostility.


serving merely for money or gain; greedy. A soldier who fights for whoever pays him.


well known for a particular quality or trait, often an unfavorable one


to eject from a position or place; to drive out of use. Dismissal from a position


excessively sparing or frugal; penurious.


having negative or unpleasant associations, belittling.


a general principle or rule of action

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