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BJU World History Chapter 21 Flashcards

Flashcards for Chapter 21
this country entered the twentieth century a greatly transformed country after the Meiji Period
an exclusive, elite group
Japan carried out her expansionist policy at the expense of _________
Sun Yat-sen
organizer of Nationalist party in China who led revolt against the Manchu Dynasty
Chiang Kaishek
took control of China after Sun Yat-sen's death; began to reunite China under a national government
Mao Zedong
led radical Communist forces against Kaishek's conservative forces
Japan seized this entire province of China in 1931
second major nation to successfully defy the League of Nations
Mussolini's invaded this African country in 1935
these forbade the sale of certain materials to Italy
Third Reich
Hitler began laying the foundation for this, a new Germa empire
Hitler wished to provide the German people with this, "living space"
fortifying this region was one task that remained before Hitler could actively begin building his empire
Rome-Berlin Axis (1936)
alliance between Germany and Italy
Anti-Comintern Pact
agreement between Germany and Japan, which was on the surface was against communist
(General Francisco) Franco
Fascist followers of ___________ revolted against Spain's republican government
this country experienced a civil war in which other nations took part in shaping the outcome
first area of Europe that Hitler sought to add to his Reich
after Hitler gained Austria, he turned his attention to this country
most of the Germans in Czechoslovakia lived in this region
(Neville) Chamberlain
primer minister of Great Britain, favored appeasement
(Edouard) Daladier
prime minister of France
Munich Conference
meeting of Britain, France, and Germany where Hitler was given the region of Sudenteland
buying off an aggressor by territorial concession
(Winston) Churchill
British prime minister who filled British people with hope
Hitler's invasion of this country began World War I
Soviet Union
to increase their effectiveness against Hitler, Britain and France tried to reach a military agreement with the __ ____
Pact of Steel
while the Allies negotiated with the Soviet Union, Hitler signed this with Mussolini
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Hitler's non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union
September 1, 1939
on ___________ __ , ______ Hitler invaded Poland, beginning World War II
Germany's armored divisions
Germany's superior air force
German for lightning war, Germany used this strategy during battle
"sitting war", or "phony war"
this country surrendered to Hitler after only a few hours of fighting
fifth columnists
Germany was greatly aided by these, individuals within a country who secretly aid enemy
(Vidkun) Quisling
Norwegian fifth columnist; his name is synonymous with traitor
at this city, Allied soldiers escaped from the Germans over to Britain
(Marshal Henri) Petain
headed French government which surrendered to Germany
(Charles) de Gaulle
leader of Free French movement who continued to wage war against the Axis powers
Mussolini tried to invade this African country but failed
(General Erwin) Rommel
brilliant German commander who arrived in North Africa with specially trained German forces; "Desert Fox"
by land and by sea
the blunder of the Battle of Britain was Hitler's underestimation of the ________ of the British people
RAF (Royal Air Force)
Britain's air force
Lend-Lease Act (1941)
authorized president to provide military supplies to any country whose security was important to the USA
Atlantic Charter
signed by Churchill and FDR, set forth the "common principles" on which both countries were based on
Germany's Operation Barbarossa was an invasion of _________
(Hideko) Tojo
fanatical militarist who became virtual dictator of Japan
December 7, 1941
on ___________ __, _________ Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor
aircraft carriers
because the _______ _______ were out on maneuvers, the US fleet was not totally destroyed in Pearl Harbor
(General Bernard L.) Montgomery
British commander at the Battle of El Alamein who defeated the Germans
(General Dwight D.) Eisenhower
led an American invasion force that landed on Algeria; shortly after that, the Axis troops in Africa surrendered
Eisenhower landed on this Italian island, forcing Mussolini to resign
fighters who harass an enemy occupying their territory
Churchill and FDR met here; declared only "unconditional surrender" of Axis would be acceptable
Big Three
Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin
conference of high-level officials
Operation Overlord
after the Teheran conference, the US and Britain began planning an invasion of France, known as this
in military terminology, the day when an attack is to be launched; invasion of France
June 6, 1944
D-day was on ______ __, _______
(General George) MacArthur
American commander in the Far East; "I shall return".
Battle of Coral Sea (1942)
this battle prevented the Japanese from launching a full-scale invasion of Australia
Battle of Midway (1942)
after this battle, Japan was placed on the defensive for the rest of the war
American forces began an _______-______ campaign, recapturing strategic Japanese-held islands in the Pacific
American soldiers faced these charges while fighting the Japanese, named because of their battle cry
Japanese suicide pilots
Iwo Jima, Okinawa
in 1945, American troops captured __ ______ and ________, two strategic Japanese islands
Battle of the Bulge (1944)
this battle wasted much of Germany's remaining strength and probably hastened the end of the war in Europe
Yalta Conference
recognized Soviet control of Eastern Europe
(Harry) Truman
due to FDR's death, represented the US at the Potsdam Conference
(Clement) Atlee
British prime minister who replaced Churchill at the Potsdam Conference
the US dropped its first atomic bomb on this Japanese city
the US dropped its second atomic bomb on this Japanese city