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The Rio Grande has many ________ flowing into it along its path.


The land of Texas has many different ________. Think about about plains, escarpements, and mountains.

sea level

The elevation of land at __________ is zero.


A ________ happens when an area does not get the normal amount of precipatation.


The ____________ was separating the two areas of land. We could not see one area from the other.


The shapes that make up Earth's surface are called _________.

relative location

The ____________ of a place is where it is compared to one or more other plces on earth.

absolute location

The exact location of a place on earth is called its _________.


The _______ is an imaginary line that separates the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

prime meridian

The imaginary line that separates the Eastern and Western hemispheres is the _______________.

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