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boil, the second stage in the black plague


people who enforce the laws


secret society member, abdicating liberal ideas


author of the courtier

catherine the great

enlightened despot, queen of russia

cesane borgia

italian nobleman, politician, and cardinal

charles de gaulle

president of 5th republic

charles I

charlemagne, built an empire know for an encouragment of education

charles VII

crude and vicious king of france

charles X

believed in divine right of kings and absolute rule, against parliamentary monarchy

charlotte cordat

killed marat (french revolution writier

charter of the nobility

formal statement of rights of nobles

christian democrat

the party that beat the communist part in Italy during the cold war

civil code of 1804

napoleonic code, safeguarded private property and limited rights

civil constituion of the clergy

made priest paid agents of the state


finance minster under Louis XIV, father of mercantilism


government owened all the land, no private property

committee of public safety

police of french revolution, robiespierre tries to destroy them and he gets killed

common market

coal and steel market


groups linked by common objectives or interests

communist manifesto

written by marx and engels 1842, working class movement to am upotian society


wrote the progress of human mind

conquest of grenada

series of military campaigns in spain


political doctrine concerating on society

corn laws

a giant tariff on farming in england

council of trent

council that defined church doctrine and condemned the reformation


russian movement of 1990's


battlesite in northern france in 1346, great victory for english over france


Jue 6 1944 allies landing on normandy to take back france from nazi, nazi thought the invasion was at calilis


french philosopher, author, and encyclopedist


a member of the committee of public safety (french revolution)

Declarationof the rights of men and citizen

declaration of independence during the french revolution


showed skepticism could produce certainity


implanted by krushev, eliminating stalin's policies in soviet union


created the encyclopedia

diet of worms

held in 1521, at which luther was condemned a heretic


created during french revolution, napoleon took it over

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