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Speech Final

Which of the following is an example of a speech for a special occasion?
A speech presenting an award to a retiring newspaper editor.
According to your textbook, a speech that pays tribute to a person, a group, an institution, or an idea is called a
Commemorative speech
Which of the following is an example of a commemorative speech?
A speech honoring Martin Luther King's life and legacy at the opening event for the campus-wide Martin Luther King Day observances.
According to your textbook, the fundamental purpose of a commemorative speech is to
As explained in your textbook, when delivering a commemorative speech, you should take special care to
- Heighten appreciation for the person being commemorated.
- Use creative language to express feelings and sentiments.
As your textbook explains, we continue to find commemorative speeches like the Gettysburg Address meaningful and inspiring primarily because
They motivated people to take heroic action.
According to your textbook, the best way to create a sense of anticipation and drama in a speech of introduction it to
Save the name of the main speaker for last.
At a comedy award show, Adam Sandler gave a splendid speech explaining why David Letterman was receiving a special award for his achievements in television comedy. According to your textbook, what kind of special occasion speech did Sandler deliver?
A speech of presentation.
When Carlos Bustamante was presented the Alumni of the Year award at his alma mater's annual award dinner, he gave a speech thanking the school for recognizing his work. What kind of speech did Carlos give?
An acceptance speech.
According to your textbook, the major traits of a good acceptance speech are brevity, humilty, and
Which of the following is an instance of persuasive speaking?
An architectural firm recommending adoption of its building plan.
If you want to persuade a skeptical audience, which of the following is it most important for you to do in your speech?
Answer the reasons for the audience's skepticism.
According to your textbook, persuasion is a psychological process in which listeners engage in a ________ with the speaker
Mental dialogue
Emily wanted to convince the technology department at her company to adopt a new database system. Some staff members supported the change, a few were opposed, and most were undecided. Emily realized that the undecided group was her _________, so she focused above all on persuading them.
Target Audience
Which of the following is recommended in your textbook as a way to enhance your credibility in persuasive speech?
All of the above.
The following set of main points for a persuasive speech on a question of policy follows which pattern of organization?
When given a persuasive speech to an audience that opposes your point of view, it is especially important that you use _______ to answer their objections to your views.
According to your textbook, as a persuasive speaker, your two major concerns with respect to reasoning are to
Make sure your reasoning is sound and convincing.
According to your textbook, all of the following are tips for using evidence in a persuasive speech except?
Balance the amount of evidence used to support each main point.
The following statement is an example of reasoning from
According to your textbook, __________ words refer to ideas or concepts rather than to tangible objects.
The denotative meaning of a word is
Its literal or dictionary meaning.
Jerome wants his audience to appreciate the harsh reality of life for migrant workers in the United States. In addition to using strong supporting materials, he decides to use words with connotative meanings because he knows they will help him.
Arouse an emotional response.
Which of the following is discussed in your textbook as a way to use language clearly?
All of the above.
Phrases such as "dry as a bone," "clear as a bell," "dark as night," and "smart as a whip" should be avoided in speeches because they are
"Just like an iceberg, the most important dimensions of culture are below the surface" is an example of
"Our mission is to right wrong, to do justice, and to serve humanity" is an example of
Your textbook recommends using repetition and parallelism to enhance the _______ of your speeches.
"We will be candid, consistent, and confident" is an example of
In her speech about classical ballet, Linda mentioned, but did not explain, the terms entrechat and arabesque. Since most of her listeners were unfamiliar with ballet, what error did Linda make in her use of language?
She did not use language appropriate to the audience.