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first form of color films

The projection speed for sound films was first standardized at...

24 fps

What are 1.33:1, 1.85:1, 1.66:1 examples of?

aspect ratios

What is not a standard width for film strips?

24 mm

what are standard widths for film strips?

16 mm, 35mm, 70mm

what does the "aspect ratio" of a film refer to?

frame width to height

Who are Stan Brakhage and Maya Deren?

experimental filmmakers

What genre is citizen kane not?


what does the newsreel sequence in Citizen Kane do?

provides the only presentation of the events in Kane's life in chronological order

What does the scene of the cavalry rescue in John Ford's Stagecoach do?

demonstrates how sound can call our attention to events happening offscreen

What is a genre's iconography consist of?

visual elements that combine to form a system that helps create meaning

what is an anamorphic process?

captures a widescreen picture on standard 35mm so it becomes smushed

when is an element nondiegetic?

if it came from a source outside the story world

What genre is John Ford's The Searchers?


what does a direct-cinema documentary do?

record on-going events as it happens with minimum interference by filmmaker

What is Les Blank's Gap-Toothed Women?

a documentary exploring social notions of feminine beauty

What does the "dance" in Leger and Murphy's Ballet mecanique consist of?

a rhythmic juxtaposition of various ordinary objects and people

The two most basic types of light in a scene are the key and rim.


what are the two most basic types of light in a scene?

key and fill

Animated films, like live-action films, have mise-en-scene


films shot in the studio have mise-en-scene, while films make entirely on location do not


slow motion is achieved by slowing down the rate of filming.


wide-angle lenses are also referred to as "telephoto" lenses


"rack focus" refers to adjusting the camera to change the plane that is in focus


a "long take" is a shot taken with the camera at a considerable distance from the main subject of the shot


the term "auteur" was originally created to refer to Hollywood directors who were thought to have a distinctive approach to filmmaking while working within the Hollywood studio system


a film's musical track is typically composed during the preproduction phase


narrative form can be used in documentary films


in a narrative film, plot duration is always equal to story duration


film editing may be thought of as the coordination of one shot with the next


in editing, rhythm depends on the patterning of shot lengths


filmmakers try to create "pure" films that avoid mixing the conventions of more than one genre


Les Blank's Gap Toothed Women adopts a playful tone to make a serious point about society's standards of beauty


a documentary film is defined by the fact that none of the action has been staged


fact-based films like Apollo 13, Schindler's List, and Malcolm X deal with real events and are considered documentaries


experimental films always avoid telling stories


chuck jone's Duck Amuch uses narrative in almost experimental way to explore the techniques of cel animation


what is depth of field?

the range of distances from the lens in which objects filmed will be in focus

how are objects on the screen in a canted camera position?

not level

what are terms for camera distance based on?

the size of the figures relative to the frame

what are some standard terms for types of mobile framing?

tilt, crane, pan

a low-contrast image displays a wide range of grays


"rack focus" refers to adjusting the camera to change the plane that is in focus


wide-angle lenses are also referred to as telephoto lenses


what is not considered part of a shot's mise-en-scene? A) actors' movements B)camera's angle on the action C) objects visible in the distance D) the shadows

B) camera's angle on the action

what is the system of lighting widely used in classical hollywood filmmaking

three-point lighting

what is "frontality" of staging?

a character is facing toward the camera

animated films, like live-action films, have mise-en-scene


unplanned events that are filmed by accident are not part of the mise-en-scene of a shot


films shot in the studio have mise-en-scene, while films made entirely on location do not


"fill" light is used to create deep shadows

false (key?)

according to Film Art, realism is the most useful standard for evaluating actors' performances


what are types of transition from one shot to another?

dissolve, wipe, fade

what is cross-cutting?

alternates between simultaneous shots in two (or more) separate spaces

what does temporal ellipsis in editing do?

eliminates part of the action

what does overlapping editing do?

expands the scene by showing more than one view of the same action

what is continuity editing?

a system for keeping the spatial and temporal relations of a scene clear

what is the 180-degree system designed to do?

ensure consistent screen direction across cuts

an establishing shot is a close view that reveals a significant detail in the scene


what are the three major perceptual properties of film sound?

loudness, pitch, timbre

what does a dialogue overlap mean?

continuing a line of dialogue over cuts during shot/reverse shot

what does fidelity refer to in film sound?

whether the type of sound heard seems appropriate to its source in the film

where does diegetic sound not come from?

outside the world of the narrative

what is a sound bridge?

overlapping the sound of one scene to the next

what is pitch

the perceived highness or lowness of the sound

diegetic sound is defined as sound that comes from an onscreen source


sound effects are the most common kind of non-diegetic sound


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