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What is the significance of oranges and lemons?

Every Friday, five crates of these fruits arrived from a fruiterer in NY to Mr. Gatsby's house and left every Monday in a pyramid of pulpless halves

What happened throughout the summer at Gatsby's mansion?

parties with music and started at nine in the morning and ended long past midnight

How often did caterers come down to Gatsby's mansion and what did they bring?

at least once a fortnight with several hundred feet of canvas and a lot of colored lights

Who arrived by seven o'clock?

the orchestra with oboes, trombones, saxophones, viols, cornets, and piccolos, and low and high drums

True or False: Nick had an invitation to Gatsby's party?

True: "I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited." (page 45)

Who did Nick see at the party?

Jordan Baker

True or False: Jordan won the finals of her golf tournament

False: "Sorry you didn't win" (page 47)

What were the names of the two girls in yellow dresses?

Lucille and

What division was Nick in during the war and what was it called?

Third: the Ninth MAchine-Gun Battalion

What was so surprising about the man who was in the Seventh Infantry and was talking to Nick about a hydroplane?

It was the host himself, Gatsby

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