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Mega DYRT test.

Hispanic and African-American.

The 2 most numerous ethnicities in the United States are___________ and __________


The country of_________ located along the Red Sea, became an independent state in 1993 after defeating the Ethiopian army.


__________ remains a complex multi-ethnic state, first controlled by the Amharas who are Christians, but now by a combination of ethnic groups.


In the country of__________, Maronite Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, and Greek Orthodox Christians have traditionally shared power, but a long civil war caused these groups to be very guarded of their territory.


When the_________ ended their colonial rule of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, they divided the colony into 2 irregularly shaped countries: India and Pakistan.


Pakistan and India have never agreed on the location of the boundary separating the 2 countries in the northern region of..


_________, who have long resented that they were not given their own independent country when India was partitioned.


___________, who comprise 82% of Sri Lanka's population, are Buddhists who speak an Indo-European language.


_________, who comprise 14% of Sri Lanka's population, are Hindus who speak a language in the Dravidian family.


___________ Peninsula, a complex assemblage of ethnicities, has long been a hotbed of unrest.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Accords reached in Dayton, Ohio in 1996 divided_______________- into 3 regions, 1 each dominated by the Croats, Muslims, and Serbs.

Hutus and Tutsi's

Long-standing conflicts between 2 ethnic groups, the ______ who were settled farmers, and the _________ who were migratory cattle herders, lie at the heart of a series of wars in Central Africa.

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