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3 ways we uses bacteria beside food production

decomposes, clean oil spills, antibiotics

2 difference between viruses and bacteria

virus - smaller than cell, not considered living, need a host
bacteria - unicellular, can live by itself

describe the cellular structure of bacteria

cell wall, cell membrane, ribosomes, flagellum

give 2 examples of fungi

mushrooms, molds

explain the difference between antibiotics and vaccines

vaccines are to prevent the illness from happening
antibiotics are to treat the illness you have

define pathogen

bacteria that cause disease

explain advantages and disadvantages for asexual an sexual

asexual - fast reproduce with no mate, not adept because of exactness of parent.

sexual - can adept to things with change with a mate. slower because you have to find a mate.

name 3 foods produced using bacteria

cheese, yogurt, milk

describe 2 types of asexual reproduction

from getting cut and 2 parts grow

give an example of how microorganisms(kinds of it) are helpful and harmful

helpful harmful
algae - put in items humans use damage ponds
protozoa - eat bad bacteria parasites to have humans ill
fungi -a source of food make food make and cause infections
bacteria - help in foods cause diseases
virus - put in vaccines causes illness

can name 3 diseases caused by viruses

influenza, hiv, smallpox.

define capsid

a protein coat for viruses

2 similarities between virus and bacteria

have a cell membrane and cause disease

name 2 cell organelles your cells have that bacterial cells don't

nucleus, ER

explain what lysis is

the process of bursting open the cell

compare sizes of human cells, viruses, and bacteria

sizes goes from smaller to bigger
virus - bacteria - human cells

name 5 kinds of microorganisms

fungi, algae, bacteria, protozoa, virus

explain the difference between a microorganism and a pathogen

pathogen can cause disease and microorganism can't

describe what flagella are

a long whipped like structure that helps a cell move

describe the process that viruses us to make copies(lytic cycle)

attach. inject, reproduce, assembly, release.
some go dormant after it enters the cell

name 4 diseases caused by bacteria

sore throat
whooping cough
Lyme disease

can explain why viruses aren't considered to be alive

they can't reproduce on their own

what genetic material viruses have

dna OR rna

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