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a reference to a person, place, or event meant to create an effect or enhance the meaning of an idea


in poetry, the use of successive lines with no punctuation or pause between them


the last six lines of a sonnet in the Italian form


a cleansing of the spirit brought about by the pity and terror of a dramatic tragedy


the resolution that occurs at the end of a play or work of fiction


the works considered most important in a national literature or period; works widely read and studied


the role or façade that a character assumes or depicts to a reader, a viewer, or the world at large


Also called "pen name" or "nom de plume," a pseudonym is a false name or alias used by writers, such as Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), and George Orwell (Eric Blair).

Rhetorical stance

language that conveys a speaker's attitude or opinion with regard to a particular subject


the implied meaning that underlies the main meaning of a work of literature

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