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Tx. Politics Exam 1

Which region of Texas is considered the social and cultural extension of the Old South?
East Texas
The industrial and petrochemical industry is concentrated in:
The Gulf Coast region of Texas
The Texas Hill Country primarily is politically:
The Texas/Mexico Border is a region which is increasingly:
- Bi-cultural
- Bi-national
- Bi-lingual
Maintenance of the Ogallala Aquifer is critical to the future of which area?
The Panhandle
What the textbook writes call the microcosm of Texas culture can be found in:
Central Texas
What issue delayed the annexation of Texas into the U.S.?
Governor Sam Houston was a man who was:
Radical Republican in Washington were angered by Texas' enactment of:
Black Codes
E.J. Davis was the Texas Governor who:
Refused to leave office after losing an election and locked himself up in the capitol building.
The strongest anti-KKK candidate in the Texas governor's race of 1924 was:
Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
Which governor of Texas was affectionately called "Pass the Biscuit Pappy" by his supporters?
W. Lee O'Daniel
Estimates project that by approximately 2030, the largest ethnic group in Texas will be:
Hispanics (Latinos)
Constitutions are written with the intent to:
- Establish major governing institutions
- Assign power
- Limit governmental power
Which is an example of the restrictions found in the Texas constitution?
Regular legislative sessions are allowed only once every two years.
Why did Texas adopt its current constitution that limits the power of the state government?
Because its farmers were ex-secessionists who had bitter memories of the Reconstruction government they regarded as too powerful.
Why has the Texas constitution been amended so many times over the years?
Texas' constitution is too detailed and as society changes it is necessary to change it to reflect new realities.
The executive branch of Texas is characterized by being:
Decentralized and fragmented
The Texas constitution provides for a judiciary which:
Has members who are elected in partisan elections.
A "plural executive" refers to:
Several executives who are independently elected in addition to the governor.
Which of the following best describes the reasoning of the framers of the Texas constitution of 1876?
They wanted to correct what they saw as the Problems of Reconstruction.
What powers do voters have in Texas?
To elect government officials & approve state constitutional amendments.
A characteristic of most state constitutions is that they are:
- Generally longer than the national constitution
- Often inflexible
- Centered on specific policy as well as general structure
The most common form of political participation in America is:
Legal qualifications for registering to vote in Texas include:
Being a citizen of the United States
Which of the following did the State of Texas once use to deny some of its citizens the right to vote"?
- The White primary
- Property ownership
- Poll taxes
The current Texas voter registration system is considered:
As modern as any state which requires advanced registration
Which of the following removed obstacles to voting?
- The 26th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
- The Voting Rights Act of 1965
- No longer requiting voters to be property owners
In recent decades, American voter turnout as measured by percent of registered voters, for presidential elections has:
Generally trended down
Texas nominates its party candidates via:
Primary Elections
The dual primary system used in Texas sometimes results in:
Runoff primary elections
To win a general election, a candidate must receive:
A plurality
In presidential election years, about what percentage of the Texas voting age population usually votes?
40 to 50 percent
In presidential election years, about what percentage of the American voting age population usually votes?
50 to 60 percent
A primary in which only registered members of a party can vote is called:
A closed primary
The Texas primary system operates in practice much like:
An open system
The election held to determine who will actually serve in elective office is the:
General election
General elections in Texas are held in:
November of even numbered years
The chief elections officer in the state of Texas is the:
Secretary of State of Texas
Which of the following are functions of political parties?
- Nominating candidates for office
- Educating voters on important issues
- Mobilizing party supporters to vote
Characteristics of the American political party system include all but:
For many years after Reconstruction, the Texas political system was:
One party Democratic
After the 2002 election, the Republican Party controlled which of the following here in Texas?
- The governorship
- Both houses of the Texas Legislature
- Both Texas supreme level courts
The Texas Democratic Party has historically had two political factions known as:
The national Democratic Party ticket has been supported mainly by Texas party:
The greatest problem the Republican Party of Texas had to overcome was:
Its association with the post Civil War Reconstruction era and Gov. Davis
The revival of the Republican Party in Texas began in the:
The lowest level political party convention in Texas is the:
Precinct convention
In Texas, most of the delegates to the national party convention are chosen by:
Presidential preference primaries
American Founding Fathers such as George Washington and James Madison believed that:
No good would come from political parties
The earliest Europeans to explore the area known as Texas were the:
The primary result of the LaSalle expedition into Texas was to:
Encourage the Spanish into permanently settling the area
The American "empresario" who led Anglo-American settlement in Texas was:
Stephen F. Austin
One of the political results of the post Civil War Reconstruction Era administration of Texas by Gov. E.J. Davis was:
A one-party state dominated by the Democrats
According to official U.S. Census Bureau data, Texas is:
The second largest state in the U.S. in terms of population
By 2015, which group is expected to be the single largest ethnic group in Texas?
What percentage of the Texas population can now be found in metropolitan areas?
Over 80%
One key to the State's economic development in the 21st Century is:
Developing a superior educational infrastructure
Which industries proved crucial to the State during its formative years?
- Cattle
- Cotton
- Crude oil
Absolute control of the Texas State Government is now in the hands of the:
Republican Party
In the 1990s, who became the Texas' first elected female Governor since Miriam "Ma" Ferguson in the 1930s?
Ann Richards
Who was the politically powerful and highly popular Texas politician who once earned the nickname "Landslide?"
Lyndon Johnson
The colorful political figure W. Lee "Pass the Biscuits Pappy" O'Daniel once held the office of:
- Texas Governor
- United States Senator
The legendary Texas political leader Sam Houston was:
- The Commanding General of the "Texian" forces against Mexico
- Both the Governor of Texas and one of its U.S. Senators
- The Governor of Tennessee
Reconstruction is the term used to describe the post Civil War period which was characterized by:
Restrictive laws applied to former Confederates by the federal government
Which 19th Century Texas politician most benefited from the Reconstruction?
E.J. Davis
Our textbook's repeated use of the expression "Texas Mosaic" in part refers to:
The social and cultural diversity that defines Texas
A document which provides the basic framework for governmental operations is called a:
The process of transferring governmental programs from federal to state control within our federal system is called:
With regard to their own constitutions, most states:
Amend their constitutions frequently, more often than the national constitution has been amended
The Texas Constitution has been amended frequently, about how many times?
Over 400
All of the following are true about amendments to the Texas Constitution, except:
They must be approved of in wrting by the Governor
In the United States, State Constitutions tend to be:
Full of "legislative" detail
The current Texas Constitution of 1876 was in part a reaction to:
The post Civil War Reconstruction period
Reconstruction policies promoted by the Radical Republicans in Congress included:
- Suffrage for former male slaves
- Disenfranchisement of former Confederates
- Integration of the races
All of the above were part of the Reconstruction agenda
In many respects the severity of the Reconstruction laws was due to:
The enactment of "Black Codes" by the former Confederate States
The sharing of powers by the national government and governmental sub-units like states, is called:
One thing which cannot be said about the Texas Consitution is:
That it provides for a powerful and efficiently-run executive branch
With regard to the three main branches of government described in the Texas Constitution, which of them is considered only a part-time institution?
The Legislative Branch
The Texas Constitution is said to be superior to the U.S. version in which important area?
Civil Liberties, due to its extensive Bill of Rights
Article IV, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution specifies limits on the individual states which include provisions for granting:
Full faith and credit to another state's legitimate and legal actions
Programs which are administered concurrently by both federal and state governments include:
Education, transportation and health care programs
The Supremacy Clause found in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states that:
The nation's Constitution, laws and treaties are supreme when they conflict with state laws
Since the 1930s and the New Deal era, the balance of governmental powers has:
Shifted significantly toward the national (or federal) government
The 1866 Texas Constitution was little more than:
- An amended 1846 Constitution, adopted when Texas entered the Union
- The initial Constitution adopted after the Confederacy was defeated
- A constitution that was replaced due to the adoption of Black Codes
All of the above are true
The 1869 Texas Constitution was:
The Reconstruction Era Constitution
When constitutional amendments are present to Texas voters, how often are they actually approved?
Nearly 90% of the time
What happened in 1975 when significant revisions to the Texas Constitution were presented to the voters for their approval?
They were overwhelmingly defeated by the voters
Major obstacles to needed constitutional reform include:
- Opposition from most of the state's major interest groups
- The fact that it is not a "hot topic" for the average voter
Voter turnout on election day can be expected to be highest among:
Wealthier voters
We have so many elections in Texas that it actually hurts voter turnout, which is what the authors call:
Election burnout
In Texas, winning a general election only requires a candidate to receive a:
Plurality of the vote
With today's highly expensive elections, the most important campaign asset is:
Factors which contribute to traditionally low voter turnout in Texas include:
- Language barriers
- A tradition of non-participation
- Past patterns of racial discrimination
All of the above contribute to this condition
Which of the following factors is the most significant in voter turnout?
Educational level
The practice of barring African-American voters from Democratic Party primary elections was called the:
White Primary
Registered voters in Texas can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary elections by:
Showing up on election day and asking for either party's primary ballot
The Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965:
Sought to protect minority voters in both voter registration and in voting
The type of election which is likely to attract the highest voter turnout would be a:
Presidential election
The purpose of General Elections is for voters to decide:
Who will hold office