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Chapter 18 - Marketing

One of the reasons to study marketing is that almost everyone is engaged in:
some form of selling
Aaaron is an attorney. He uses ____________ to persuade clients on his ability to meet their needs, articulate his arguments to judges and juries, handle rebuttals and objections, and increase his visibilty within his firm
his knowledge of sales and selling principles
Personal selling can take place in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
through the newspaper
A manufacturer's rep is involved _____ selling
Taylor has had a number of concerns when she took a job as a salesperson after graduation. She had never looked forward to a regular ":desk job: and now she her position. What really won her over was
the fleibility translates into an easier balance between work an family than many office-bound jobs can offer
There are many different career options for people who have majored in marketing. Some jobs emphasize research and analysis, some focus on advertising, and there are many more possibilites. If you like the idea of a fleible environment and you don't mind trading some elements of risk for hte opportunity to earn substantial revenue, you might consier a position in:
Trent is starting a career in selling but, eventually, wants to become a senior manager. For trent, a selling career will liekly provide ________ nee to accomplish goal
One of the advantages of personal selling over other types of marketing commuicatins is:
salespeople can customize their message for a specific buyer
One of the advantages of personal selling over other types of marketing communications is
it can be directed toward those customers with the highest potential
One of the disadvantages associated with personal selling is:
it is expensive
Gwen recognizes one of her roles as a compnany sales rep is to be the firm's frontline emissary. As such, she strives to build strong relationships with customers and:
take a long-term perspective
________ is a sales philosophy and process that emphasizes a commitment to maintaining and investing in long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships
relationship selling
Pratna is creating a customer relationship management system to help her mintain stronger relationships with the customers in her territory. The frist thing she will likely do is:
Construct a customer database
Benny is collecting information about his customers' preferences, past-pruchases, contact information, and biographical data. Benny will likely use to create:
a customer relationship management system
Rodney was a very effective sales rep who combined the technology inherent in his CRM system with a high touch approach where he
frequently called clients and prospects to share news with them while not always tryign to sell something
As marketing manager for a start-up business software company, Katrina is deciding whether ot hire a compnay sales force. the bottom line influencing katrina's decision will be:
is a sales force worth more than it costs
Personal selling adds value to customers by all of the following EXCEPT:
reducing marketing costs to the seller
In which of the following purchase situations would having the assistance of a salesperson be of greatest benefit to a typical consumer?
buying a cruise ship vacation
Which of the following stateents best describes the situation where personal selling works especially well in the firm's IMC approach?
Customers see value in and are willing to pay indirectly for the information and advice they get from sales people
Consumers often ask workers in supermarkets where something is located only to learn the worker is a vendor stacking and straightening their compnay's products on the store shelves. These manufacturers' sleas representatives benefit reatilers by
saving them time and money
Michelle is a sales rep for a food distribtuor When she checks retailers' shevlves she often finds her companys' products have been omoved to lower shelves and have less shelf space than when she last stocke dthe shelves. Michelle's problem is associated with retailers
letting suppliers' salespeople takeover functions
Denny was annoyed when he finally got around to checking inventory in his new restaurant. He had allowed several trusted vendors to supply him with what he needed but they had over-ordered, increasing their sales. Denny made the mistake of:
allowing salespeople to take over the buying situation
Whether or not a salesperson will go through all five steps of the selling process depnds on the sales situation
the buyer's readiness to purchase
When Patrick begins the selling process of rnew customers who are not familiar with his compnay's commercial coffee service, he assumes he will ned to
go through all five steps of the selling process
Noah is just starting out as a sales rep, and he has been following ht epersonal selling process carefully. which of the following statements would describe Noah's approach
eh should watch for and listen for lcues form the prospect to judge whether to skip steps as appropriate
Although a sales rep may skip a steop in the Personal Selling Process, or he or she may have to go back and repeat steps, there is a logic in the sequence. Which of the following would not be approropriate in the Personal Selling Process
Closing the sale is the final - and most satisfying - part of the process
Bridgette went to the THE GAP ready to buy a new blouse, but not sure which color or systle she wanted. The sales rep, sensing B's buying mode, began with ________ stage of the selling process
sales presentation
Monica works as a salesperson in a retail clothing store. Of the five stages in the selling process, Monica is least likely to engage in:
generate and qualify leads
Chesnee works in the office of a building materials compnay. One of her jobs is to identify new building projets and determine who wil make the building materials purchase decision. Chesness is involved in the _________ step of the selling process
generate leads
In ____ market situations, it is particularly important to continually find new and potentially profitable customers
Several months ago, Veronica took over sales terriotyr managed by a very successful salesperson. Veronica should use ______ as a first source of leads
current customers
It is not easy to break into markets where trust between the seller and buyer is extremely important. An effective way to generate lads used by professionals and those selling services
Brent is preparing for an intial sales trip to Guatemala. He is hoping to find leads to sell his company's textile manfuacturing equipment. Which of the following would likely be the best source of lead sfor brent?
The Internet
Trade shows are a particularly good source of B2B slaes leads because:
people who attend are interested in the proudcts and services being offered
________ is a method of prospecting in which salespeople telephone or go to see potential customers without appointments
cold calling
_____ is being used less by markets because the sucess rate is farily low, growing government restrictions, and the advent of the Do-Not-Call list
brandon is in the process of qualifying lead she received from his home office. Brandon will assess
whether it is worthwhile to pursue these potential customers
When realtors meet with new customers, they frequently offer to estimate how much mortgage lenders will be wiling to lend the customer. In the process, realtors assess buyers'
ability to purchase houses in different price ranges
Retail salespeople should never ____ and assume that a person in the stoer cannot afford to purchase the store's products
"judge a book by its cover"
One of the reasons why B2B salespeople sepnd considerable time qualifying potential customers is:
the cost of preparing and making a presentaiton to most business customers
Fred sells health insurance packages for small buiness. He has been given the names of ten new bsuiness in his town. During the qualifying leads stage of htes elling process, Fred will tr to asses which of the ten businessses:
need health insurance packages and can afford it
The _____ stage occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and extends the qualification of leads procedure