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pathophysiology online quizzes 5-8

hemoglobin synthesis
A 2 y.o. male presented with growth and maturation retardation and splenomegaly. He died shortly after arriving at the ER. Autopsy revealed thalassemia secondary to defective:
pernicious anemia
A newborn is diagnosed with ceongenital intrinsic factor deficiency. Which of the following types of anemia will the nurse see documented on the chart?
aplastic crisis
A 6 y.o. mal presents with fatigue, jaundice, irritability. A blood smeal shows the presence of sickled cells. Erythropoiesis is compromised in this child; which crisis should the nurse monitor the pt for?
increased rate and depth of breathing
a 60 y.o. female emphyseme pt experiences a rapid and pounding heart, dizziness, and fatigue with exertion. Which of the following respiratory assessment findings indicate the respiratory system is compensating for the increased oxygen demand?
A 2 y.o. malnourished child has vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies. A blood smear suggests the deficiency is macrocytic and normochromic. The nurse would expect the hemoglobin to be:
Autosomal recessive
A geneticist is discussing thalassemias. Which information should be included? The alpha and beta thalassemias are inherited in an ____ fashion.
Which major symptom in a pt with sickle cell anemia indicates to the nurse the pt is experiencing a vaso-occlusive crisis?
ineffective iron uptake and abnormal hemoglobin
A 45 y.o. male is diagnosed with sideroblastic anemia. When he asks what the most likely cause of this disease is, what is the nurse's best response?
Administer radioactive cobalamin and measure its excretion in the urine
How should the nurse prepare a pt who is to recieve a Schilling test for pernicious anemia?
spoon-shaped nails
A 21 y.o. female was recently diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. In addition to fatigue and weakness, which of the following clinical signs and symptoms would she most likely exhibit?
Myocardial infarction (MI)
A 75 y.o. male has severe chest pain and dials 911. Lab tests at the hospital reveal elevated levels of cardiac troponins I and T. Based upon the lab findings, the nurse suspects which of the following has occured?
Deep veins of the leg
A 28 y.o. female presents with severe chest pain and a SOB. She is diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, which most likely originated from the:
Inadequate tissue perfusion
When a person is in shock, a nurse remembers impairment in cellular metabolism is caused by:
Stand up
When a nurse checks the pt for orthostatic hypotension, what did the nurse have the pt do?
A 30 y.o. caucasian female was recently diagnosed with primary hypertension. She reporths that she eats fairly well, usually having red meat and potatoes daily. She also reports that her father has hypertension as well. A nurse determine which of the following risk factors is most likely associated with this diagnosis?
Significant edema to both lower legs and feet.
A 72 y.o. female has history of right heart failure caused by a right ventricular MI. Which of the following symptoms are specifically related to her right heart failure?
Bronchoconstriction, hives or edema, and hypotension.
A 15 y.o. male who is allergic to peanutes eats a peanut butter cup. He then goes into anaphylatic shock. Which assessment findings will the nurse assess for?
While planning care for a pt with superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS), which principle should the nurse remember? SVCS is a progressive ____ of the superior vena cava (SVC) that leads to venous distention of the upper extremities and head.
Venous thrombus
A 32 y.o. female presents with lower leg pain, and swelling and redness. While obtaining the pt's history, which finding could have caused her condition?
Abnormal thickening and hardening of vessel walls.
A 60 y.o. male presents to his primary care provider reporting chest pain. He is diagnosed with atherosclerosis. This disease is caused by:
Decreased functional residual capacity
A 15 y.o. female is diagnosed with restrictive lung disease caused by fibrosis. The pt had a pulmonary function test. Which of the following findings is expected?
Acute respiratory distress syndrome
A 42 y.o. female presents with dyspnea; rapid, shallow breathing; inspiratory crackles; decreased lung compliance; and hypoxemia. Tests reveal a fulminant form of respiratory failure characterized by acute lung inflammation and diffuse alveocapillary injury. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis the nurse will observe on the chart?
Pink, frothy sputum
A 47 y.o. male is diagnosed with pulmonary edema. Which assessment findings will the nurse observe?
Exposure to an allergen causing mast cell degranulation
A nurse is preparing to teach the staff about asthma. Which info should the nurse include? Airway hyper-responsiveness in asthma is related to:
decreased inspired oxygen
A group of montain climbers experinece confusion, tachycardia, edema, and decreased renal output after climbing Mount Rainier. A nurse recalls this condition is caused by:
Tension pneumothorax
A 50 y.o. male presents with hypotension, hypoxemia, and tracheal deviation to the left. Tests reveal that the air pressure in the pleural cavity exceeds barometric pressure in the atmosphere. Based upon these findings, what does the nurse suspect the pt is experiencing?
A 30 y.o. male prison inmate contracting TB during an outbreak. When the nurse reviews that lab results, the organism that caused this condition is a:
Left ventricular failure
Which pt would the nurse assess for paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND)? A pt with:
A 60 y.o. female with a history of cirrhosis presents with dyspnea, impaired ventilation, and pleural pain. A diagnosis of pleural effusion is made, and a watery fluid is drained. When giving report, the nurse will refer to this fluid as:
A 60 y.o. female with emphysema is having difficulty expiring a given volume of air. When giving report, the nurse will relay that the pt is most likely experience ____ pulmonary disease.
Cigarette smoking
A 39 y.o. female with chronic intermittent pain in the epigastric area 2-3 hrs after eating is diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Which of the following behaviors may have contributed to the development of the ulcer?
Loss of muscle tone at the lower esophageal sphincter
A 50 y.o. male is experiencing reflux of chyme from the stomach. He is diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux. The condition is caused by:
Locations of lesions
Chronic gastritis is classified according to the:
Hiatal hernia
A 45 y.o. male complains of heartburn after eating and difficulty swallowing. He probably has:
Premature infants
Occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux is highest in which pediatric population?
Urinary tract obstruction
While planning care for a pt who has acute pyelonephritis. A nurse recalls the most common condition associated with the development of acute pyelonephritis is:
E. coli
A 25 y.o. female presents with burning urination. She is diagnosed with a UTI. When the nurse checks the culture results, which of the following organisms is most likely infecting her urinary tract?
Inhibiting mucosal prostaglandin synthesis
A 60 y.o. male presents with GI bleeding and abdominal pain. He reports that he takes NSAIDS daily to prevent heart attack. Tests reveal that he has a peptic ulcer. The most likely cause of this disease is:
Inflammatory response to gastroesophageal reflux
Reflux esophagitis is defined as (an):
Breaks in the mucosa and presence of corrosive secretions
A 54 y.o. male is diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease. This conditions is most likely caused by: