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when will realized the .... of bringing his own desk to school, he left it at home.


He was very ... at selling things so he was promoted to manager in the first month.


the mother's ... wrath was inconcievable when she found out her daughter placed second in the pageant.


the upset mob in front of the mayors office were .... thier riot sticks.


the boy had a lot of ... when he punched a teacher.


he ... himself when he found out a girl started a rumor about him because he knew he could not get in anymore fights this year.


the smell of polynice's ... was so putrifying that someone could smell him 50 feet away.


the pope ... the host at the altar during mass with the words "i make this bread the body of Christ".


the knights ... for the princess's love by performing couargeous acts.


the skunk ... the man when he sprayed his putrifying smell on him.


when he ... himslef with candy, he had a toothache from too much sugar.


he ... with learning the new vocabulary because he isnt good at memorization


when the school caught on fire the neighborhood was in .... trying to find a place for their kids to go to school.


when the girl found out the boy started a nasty rumor about her she punched him ... without any regret.


the hundreds of presents the kid recieved for Christmas was so ... that everyone in the whole city knew that he was spoiled


To keep an animal from biting you, you must grab its ...


his ... acts of getting the cat out of the tree got him a medal of honor


we could not catch the cattle because the ... of the rope would not tighten


The howling coyote was only a ... at night when i could not get sleep.

oblivion--- oblivious

when timmy left our school last year it seemed as though he was ... because no one has seen him or talked to him

obscenity--- obscene

because the show was too ... for the young girls, the mother had make the girls leave


the piety of the children was reinforced in their school, where children were taught to revere God


when the parents found out their daughter was pregnant, they ... her so she had to live on her own.


the captain put the enemies in ... when he killed half of their force


the senior citizien was considered ... when she thought the president of the United States was Bill Clinton.


creon put out ... to guard polynice's body so no one could bury it.


the classroom was ... when the girl started throwing up blood


the ... of the company was sometimes forgotten for his excellent work.

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