25 terms

City of Ashes

What kind of downworlders does Clary encounter with?
werewolves, vampires, and faeries
Who is now Clary's big brother?
Jace Wayland
Clary's father has turned over to the evil side. What is his name?
Someone takes control over the Lightwood family and the clave who is it?
the Imogen or Inquistitor
Who turns into a vampire after being bit by one?
Why does Maia leave Lukes house after the attack?
she feels that she is getting in the way
What was the Inquistitor going to trade Valentine to get the Soul- Sword?
Jace to go back to Idris with him
Where does this book take place?
New York
How did Isabelle, Alec, Jace, Simon, and Clary get into the Seelie Court?
they went to the middle of the lake when there was a full moon, then they were in
Where is Jocelyn, Clary's mom, during this book?
she is in a magically induced coma
Who is the author of all these books?
Cassandra Clare
Who Clary kiss in the Seelie Court?
What special power does Clary have?
she can create new runes
Who tries to get back at Valentine through Jace?
the Inquistitor
Who does Jace which he could hate?
What special power does Jace have?
he has the power to jump from high spots and not get injured
Why is Clary's mom in a coma?
Valentine abducted her from her house and tried to heal her
Why did Jace have to go to the Silent City for a night?
her broke the clave law so the Inquistitor punished him
What kind of demon stikes Maia in Luke's yard?
a drevak demon
What gives Valentine ultimate power?
the Soul- Sword
Who is Alec's and Isabelle's younger brother?
What is the word for regular humans?
mundanes or mundies
What blood does Valentine need for the Soul- Sword?
the downworlders blood: vampire, werewolf, and faeries
Who is Isabelle attracted to?
Meliron; the faerie
Who is the High Warlock of Brooklyn?
Magnus Bane