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Reaction formation refers to the defense mechanism by which people. . .

consciously express feelings that are the opposite of unacceptable unconscious impulses.

The defense mechanism by which people disguise their own threatening impulses by attributing them to others is called.. ..


The defense mechanism in which self-justifying explanations replace the real, more threatening unconscious reasons for actions is. . .


Alfred Adler was a new-Freudian who coined the term. ..

inferiority complex.

Which neo-Freudian theorist emphasized the influence of the collective unconscious in personality development?


Contemporary psychologist are LEAST likely to agree with Freud's belief that. ..

conscience and gender identity form during the process of resolving the Oedipus complex.

Abraham Maslow suggested that those who fulfill their potential have satisfied the need for


Humanistic theorists have been criticized for. . .

underestimating the inconsistency of behavior from one situation to another.

Carl Rogers suggested that the _______ is a central feature of personality.


A consistent tendency to be shy is best described as a(n)


Emotional instability in most closely related to the big five trait dimension of


the person-situation controversy involves a debate regarding the influence of _________ and _______ on behavior.

environments: traits

Dogs Strapped into a harness and given repeated and unavoidable shocks developed

learned helplessness

the social-cognitive perspective is LEAST likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of

environmental influences

individuals with high self-esteem are more likely than those with low self-esteem to . ..

work persistently at difficult tasks.

accepting ourselves without undue dependence on the approval of others best illustrates. .

secure self-esteem

Ongoing patterns of behavior that are different from those of most other people in your culture are best characterized as. . .


According to the medical model, psychological disorders are. . .

sicknesses that need to be diagnosed and cured.

The medical model of psychologically disordered behavior is most likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of

social circumstances and psychological factors.

Many clinicians diagnose disorders by answering questions from 5 levels of the


a fundamental problem with the diagnostic labeling labeling of psychologically disordered behaviors is that the labels often. . .

bias our perceptions of the labeled person

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