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Questions on therapy (slightly redundant)

eclectic (a mix of many)

Dr. Byrne is a clinical psychologist who often uses operant conditioning techniques to treat her clients. She also encourages them to modify their thought patterns, and on occasion she interprets their transference behaviors. Dr. Byrne's therapeutic approach would best be described as:


As a therapist, Dr. Cioffi often uses systematic desensitization. She also considers active listening to be an invaluable tool, and she frequently makes use of free association. Dr. Cioffi's therapeutic approach would best be described as:

Sigmund Freud

Which therapist introduced the use of free association?


According to Freud, a patient's hesitation to free associate is most likely a sign of:

attend to a patient's positive and negative feelings toward their therapists

Psychoanalysts are most likely to:

emphasize the importance of self-awareness for psychological adjustment

Humanistic therapists are most likely to:

client-centered therapy

Carl Rogers is known for the development of:

client-centered therapy

During a marriage counseling session, the therapist suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Gallo that they each restate their spouse's comments before making their own. The therapist was applying a technique most closely associated with:

behavior therapy

In one treatment for bed-wetting, the child sleeps on a liquid-sensitive pad that when wet, triggers an alarm and awakens the child. This treatment is a form of:


Benny's mother tries to reduce his fear of sailing by giving the 3-year-old his favorite candy as soon as they board the boat. The mother's strategy best illustrates:

systematic desensitization

Which technique is derived from classical conditioning principles?

Joseph Wolpe

The technique of systematic desensitization was refined by:

progressive relaxation

Systematic desensitization involves the use of:

systematic desensitization

With ______, the therapist replaces a fearful response with a relaxation response.

systematic desensitization

What exemplifies exposure therapy?

systematic desensitization

A token economy is to operant conditioning as ___________ is to classical conditioning.

systematic desensitization

Virtual reality exposure therapy is sometimes used in:

associating unwanted behaviors with unpleasant experiences

Aversive conditioning involves:

a token economy

Systematic desensitization is to classical conditioning as ________ is to operant conditioning.

operant conditioning

A token economy represents an application of the principles of:

a token economy

In which operant conditioning procedure are positive reinforcers given for desired behaviors?

behavior modification

What is most often criticized for violating clients' rights to personal freedom and self-determination?

cognitive therapy

Dylan is a college sophomore who feels so incompetent that he believes his life is worthless and hopeless. Dylan would profit the most from:


Teaching people to stop blaming themselves for failures and negative circumstances beyond their control is of most concern to ______ therapists.

stop blaming themselves for negative circumstances beyond their control

Cognitive therapists are most likely to encourage depressed clients to:

family therapy

The belief that no person is an island is the fundamental assumption of:

regression toward the mean

Which phenomenon refers to the tendency for extraordinary or unusual events to be followed by more ordinary events?

a procedure for statistically combining the results of many different studies

Meta-analysis refers to:

behavior therapy

Because Gretchen is afraid of contracting infectious diseases, she compulsively avoids shaking people's hands or touching doorknobs. Research suggests that an especially effective treatment for her difficulty would involve:


EMDR was originally developed for the treatment of:

the beneficial consequences of merely expecting that a treatment will be effective

The placebo effect refers to:


Dr. Miller prescribes drugs for the treatment of chronic depression and she encourages rest and relaxation training for clients suffering from excessive anxiety. It is most likely that Dr. miller is a:

drugs affect mind and behavior

Psychopharmacology involves the study of how:

aerobic exercise

One good alternative to antidepressant drugs is:

elevate arousal and mood

SSRIs are prescribed to:


Edit, a 45-year-old journalist, alternates between extreme sadness and lethargy and extreme euphoria and overactivity. The drug most likely to prove beneficial to her is:

a lobotomy

Surgically cutting the nerves connecting the frontal lobes to the emotion-controlling centers of the inner brain is called:

drug therapy

Dr. Judd is convinced that psychological disorders result largely from stressful social situations rather than from disturbances within the individual personality. Dr. Judd's belief is most consistent with the assumptions that underlie:

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