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Adobe Photoshop ACA study (CS6)

Which two must be identified when developing a Photoshop Project plan?
resource allocation & task owners
What is a common way to change the resolution of an image?
image size
What is demographic data used to identify in the design process?
the target audience
Which two pieces of information are the most critical when creating images for video?
video use: television, the Web, or CD distribution and video standard of the system the graphic is to be used on
Which camera feature is crucial to taking an image of an eagle from 150 yards away?
optical zoom
What is a Smart Object?
It allows a user to alter, transform, and warp without ruining the original information.
What are three ways to convert a selected layer to a Smart Object?
1. Filter > Convert for Smart filters
2. Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object
3. In the Layers panel, right click on the layer and choose "Convert to Smart Object"
What are three image criteria that must be checked before uploading to the web?
file size, dimensions, optimization
What could cause a problem with text in a video?
text outside the title-safe area
In Photoshop, the term "default" refers to?
The Photoshop settings set when the program was installed.
How do you reset a tool back to its default settings?
Right-click the tool icon in the options bar and choose Reset Tool from the shortcut menu.
What menu shows a list of all of Photoshop's palettes?
The Window menu.
Which procedure resets Photoshop's work area to its default condition?
Choose Window > Workspace > Default Workspace.
Digital cameras and scanners are used to ______ images.
What is a pixelated image?
An image that appears rough because individual pixels are large enough to be
visible to the eye.
Using the Hand Tool is the same as doing what?
Adjusting the scroll bars at the side and bottom of the image.
If you are using another tool, what keyboard shortcut enables you to temporarily use the Hand Tool?
What does the Image Size dialog box's Constrain Proportions option do?
Forces the image to keep its original proportions.
What best defines the term "anti-aliased?"
A slight smoothing effect at the edge.
Which selection tool does not have an Anti-alias option?
The Rectangular Marquee Tool.
What does the word "crop" mean?
Trim away part of an image.
Pressing what key allows you to select more than one layer in the layers palette?
How do you place a selection border around the contents of a layer?
Press [Ctrl] and click the layer thumbnail in the Layers palette
For a layer to appear "in front" of all other layers in your fi le, where should it be listed
(or stacked) in the Layers palette?
At the top of the list
When a new layer is created, where is it listed (or, stacked) in the Layers palette?
Just above the layer that was previously active
Which of the following does not happen when an image is fl attened?
The image size remains the same
Which of the following fi le formats does not save layers?
How do you unlock a background layer?
Double-click on it and rename it
What kind of graphic is not made up of individual pixels?
A vector graphic
After entering text, what should you do to keep the text on its own layer?
Click the Commit button
How are the type mask tools different from the other two type tools?
Instead of creating text, they create selections that look like text
What setting on the Character palette controls the spacing between two characters?
What does the term "rasterize" mean?
To convert vector graphics into pixel-based graphics
How do you keep a custom shape in proportion as you draw it?
Hold down [Shift]
As you draw shapes, each of them will appear on a separate layer if what button is
pressed in the options bar?
The Shape layers button
If you want to modify a shape using Photoshop's transform and warp features, what menu command do you select?
One of the commands in the Edit > Transform Path submenu
Which of the following tools can be used to select anchor points on a path?
The Direct Selection Tool
In what situation would you use the Freeform Pen Tool with its Magnetic option
turned on?
When creating a path by tracing an object in an image
Each of the effects on the Styles palette are made up of various combinations of ______.
layer styles
What is the fastest way to change the brush size as you use a painting tool?
Use the bracket keys
When using an Opacity: setting less than 100%, how can you avoid darkening areas
where the paint overlaps itself?
Do not release the mouse button as you paint
Which blending mode only paints in transparent areas of a layer
The Behind mode
Which blending mode changes an object's color, but preserves shadows and highlights?
The Hue mode
After selecting part of an image, what command transforms the selected area into a
brush tip?
Choose Edit > Define Brush Preset....
What is Photoshop's Canvas Size command used for?
It is used to add or remove drawing space from the image
What tool can you use to make a file's canvas size smaller?
The Crop Tool
What is the main difference between the Pencil Tool and the Brush Tool?
The Pencil Tool creates only hard-edged brush strokes
What two kinds of fill can you apply with the Paint Bucket Tool?
The foreground color and any pattern
The Eraser Tool's options bar is almost identical to what other tool's options bar?
The Brush Tool
If you use the Eraser Tool on a layer with locked transparency, what happens?
It paints the background color
What happens if you use the Eraser Tool on an unlocked layer?
It deletes pixels, leaving transparent areas
Which setting causes the Eraser Tool to restore an image to its original state?
Erase to History
When using the Background Eraser Tool, what happens if you set the Limits option to
Discontiguous and click on a pixel?
Within the limits of the brush, all closely related colors are erased, even if they are
not touching each other
How do you check for "garbage" pixels after deleting an area with the Background
Eraser Tool or Magic Eraser Tool?
Create a new layer below the edited layer and fill it with a bright color
The History palette records each action you perform in Photoshop. What are these
actions called?
What tool restores an image to its last saved condition or a state/snapshot selected in
the History palette?
The History Brush Tool
The Reveal All command is used to ______.
show layers that extend past the edges of the document
At what resolution should an image be scanned if it is going to be restored or
At least 300 spi
When an image is sharpened, what happens to pixels to cause edges of objects to
stand out more?
Darker pixels get darker and lighter pixels get lighter
Which sharpen filter has a Motion Blur option that can help correct blur caused by
camera or subject movement?
The Smart Sharpen filter
As a general rule, when should you sharpen an image?
Just before printing, after all other adjustments have been made to the image
Unwanted specks of color in an image that are caused by fast film (graininess) or high
ISO settings on a digital camera are called ______.
What do the noise filters actually do to an image to remove noise?
They blur an image
What are JPEG artifacts?
Extra noise that appears when an image is saved as a low-quality JPEG file
Which retouching tool automatically senses a blemish when the cursor is held over it,
then blends the blemish and surrounding areas together when the mouse is clicked?
The Spot Healing Brush Tool
Which retouching tool has a Create Texture option that creates a texture out of a
blemish and surrounding pixels?
The Spot Healing Brush Tool
Which retouching tool lets you select an undamaged part of your image and drag the
selected area on top of a blemish?
The Patch Tool
Which retouching tool requires you to sample another area of the image by choosing a
source point?
The Healing Brush Tool
How is the Clone Stamp Tool significantly different from the Patch Tool, Healing Brush
Tool, and Spot Healing Brush Tool?
It does not blend pixels together
How are the Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush Tool similar?
They both require a source point to be selected before the tool can be used
When using the Vanishing Point filter, what is the first thing you need to do?
Create planes to define the three dimensions in the image
Which of Photoshop's menus contains the color-correction tools?
Image > Adjustments
If an image contains more than one layer, which layer will be affected when
Photoshop's color correction tools are used on the image?
The layer that is currently active
If only part of an image needs color correction, what can be done to help the
adjustment blend in with the rest of the image?
Feather-select the area first
If an image has a red color cast, shifting image colors toward what color will help
correct it?
The color that is 180° from red on the color wheel
What word is used to describe "how intense or vivid a particular color appears?"
What can you adjust with the Hue/Saturation command?
Particular shades of color (blues, reds, etc.)
The Fuzziness slider in the Replace Color dialog box is very similar to what common
setting used by other commands?
The Tolerance setting
How does the Sponge Tool affect the colors in an image?
It desaturates or saturates colors within the brush area
What does the Dodge Tool do to colors in an image?
It lightens colors within the brush area
What does the Burn Tool do to colors in an image?
It darkens colors within the brush area
What command found in the Image > Adjustments submenu removes color from an
image, causing it to become grayscale?
What menu command opens Bridge?
File > Browse....
What is an out-of-gamut color?
A particular shade of color that cannot be produced using CMYK inks.
If an image is converted from RGB mode to indexed color mode, what happens to the
The colors are limited to 256.
How do you convert an image to a different mode?
Choose another mode from the Image > Mode submenu.
As a general rule, what color mode should new, full-color documents be created in?
RGB mode.
Which file provides the data for an image in an unprocessed form?

A. Scanned
B. Camera Raw
D. Video Still
B. Camera Raw
written in fixed form
When a document is copyrighted