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Where should you save your work?

P:\ Drive

What does CPU stand for?

Central Processing Unit

You have opened My Computer and are looking at a folder. To view the contents of that folder, you would most likely

double click the folder

One way to rename a folder is to

right click on the folder, select rename and type the new folder name

You can't find a file you know you saved on your computer. The most likely reason is that

you didn't pay attention to where you saved the file

If you want to browse the contents of your hard drive which program would be most useful

Windows Explorer

Right Click is

Your friend

Before you copy or cut text in a word document you must first

select or highlight the text

When using a word processing program such as microsoft word it is necessary to save your work to a file because

your work will be lost when you close the program if you don't.

Keyboard shortcuts are a way to execute commands that would normally be done using the mouse. They keyboard shortcut for the CUT command is


Double clicking in the very top left hand corner of a window will

close the window

To select items in a list that are not contiguous you can *Contiguous means that items are not right next to one another

Hold down the Ctrl key and select the desired items

A type of computer program designed to display advertisements on your computer is known as


Computer "Software" refers to

files on your computer which contain instructions for the computer

Keyboard shortcuts are a way to execute commands that would normally be done using the mouse. They keyboard shortcut for the paste command is


What type of software application would be best suited for creating a chart to manipulate personal financial data such as income and expenses

Excel Spreadsheet

A type of computer program that collects personal information without your consent is known as


Keyboard shortcuts are a way to execute commands that would normally be done using the mouse. They keyboard shortcut for the copy command is


Pressing F1 will

display help for the current application

Other terms for "Computer Program" are

Software, Application

This is where you will find the start menu, quick launch area, list of open windowns or programs, and the system tray.


A small graphic that represents something on your computer is a


To "Burn" a CD or DVD means to

save information on the disc

Your computer seems to have stopped working, or it has "frozen" you should

save all files and restart

To "reboot" your computer means to

restart it

Mozilla, Firefox, Notepad, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Winamp, and Internet Explorer are all examples of

application software

In computer technology PC stands for

Personal Computer

A device which will allow you to connect multiple computers together in your house for the purpose of sharing informations is a


RAM stands for

Random Access Memory

Another term for a computer monitor is


The CPU is commonly referred to as the


USB is the acronym for

Universal Serial Bus

Your computer speakers plug in to the

Sound card

The purpose of the hard drive is to

store information

USB ports on your computer allow you to connect

printers, digital cameras or anything with USB ports

This device is used for sending and receiving data over a telephone line


A network adapter is also referred to as

network card

The term "Internet" refers to

A global network of interconnected computers

When you click on a link (hyperlink) you typically need to

single left click is an example of a

search engine

The phrase "surfing the internet" refers to

viewing web pages and clicking on hyperlinks

"Web Browser" is a

software application used for viewing web pages

a way to mark your favorite websites and return to them without writing in the address


two or more computers that can communicate together


an abbreviation for electronic mail which is a letter or memo sent to a person or group electronically over the Internet


If you do something awesome in class Mrs. Hein will give you a

High Five

the hardware that provides printed output from the computer


the physical components of the computer system


the programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do


the unwritten "rules" of etiquette used on the Internet


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