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  1. (车)站
  2. 最后
  1. a zou (to walk; to go by way of)
  2. b zuihou (finally)
  3. c fei (to fly)
  4. d che (vehicle; car)
  5. e [che]zhan ({bus, train, etc.} stop; station)

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  1. gonggong (public)
  2. song (to see off or out; to take someone {somewhere})
  3. kai (to drive; to operate)
  4. mafan (troublesome)
  5. lu (green)

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  1. 寒假gonggong (public)


  2. xian (line)


  3. 汽车qiche (automobile)


  4. 出租chuzu (to rent out; to let)


  5. 地铁song (to see off or out; to take someone {somewhere})


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