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a particle that has lost electrons
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The ___________ shell is the outermost shell of an atom that contains electronsvalenceA _______________ bond involves the equal sharing of electron pairscovalent or nonpolar covalentA ______________ is a substance that resists changes in pH and helps maintain homeostasisBuffersA substance with a pH of 10 would be considered __________________BasicOrganic compounds always contain: A) oxygenB) carbonC) ethanolD) watercarbonWhich of the following is NOT a monosaccharide? A) glucose B) galactose C) fructose D) sucrosesucroseWhich of the following is NOT true about RNA? A) double stranded B) contains cytosine C) found primarily in the cytoplasm D) directs protein synthesisfound primarily in the cytoplasmWhat lipid is a primary component of the cell membrane? A) prostaglandins B) triglycerides C) phospholipids D) starchphospholiipidsWhat level of protein structure makes up the backbone of a protein and is simply the string of amino acids? A) primary B) secondary C) tertiary D) quarternaryProteins that serve as biological catalysts are known as: A) nucleotides B) monomers C) enzymes D) collagenenzymes