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8 Ways if knowing


words, and language, Thinks in words; Loves reading, writing, and telling stories; plays word games; learns with language.


relates to inner states of being , self reflection, meta-cognition,(thinking about thinking), and awareness of spiritual realities.


operates primarily through person to person relationships and communication


Deals with the recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the flora and fauna of the natural world

Music Rhythmic

based on the recognition of tonal patterns, including various environmental sounds, and on a sensitivity to rhythm and beats


related to physical movement and the knowings and wisdom of the body, including the brain's motor cortex, which controls bodily motion


relies on the sense of sight and being able to visualize an object , includes the ability to create internal mental images, and pictures

Logical Mathematical

often called scientific thinking, this intelligence deals with inductive reasoning/thinking, numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns

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