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on a wet road it will usually be most slippery

in the center portion of the lane

if you must stop quicly while turning and you are unable to straighten the motorcycle first, apply the

brakes first then lean away from the turn

to ride over an object on the road

rise slightly off the seat

the ability to think clearly and ride safely is affected by as little as

1 drink

when you are being followed to closely it is usually best to

drop back farther from the vehicle ahead

to see better when following a vehicle at night

use the headlights of the vehicle ahead

when carrying loads

keep the load low and as far forward as possible

when swerving it is important to

separate braking from swerving

when preparing to move to the left lane, to spot vehicles passing you it is best to

turn your head to the left

when carrying a passenger

it takes longer to brake and accelerate

to predict how a hazard may affect you, its important to

know the speed, distance, and direction that the hazard is moving

to cross tracks that run parallel to your course

move away, then turn and cross at an angle of at least 45 degrees

the car accross the intersection facing you is waiting to enter the intersection, it is usually best to

slow and increase space

the single most important thing for you to do to improve your chances of surviving a collision is to

wear a securely fastened helmet

which piece of equipment gives the most face and eye protection while riding

a face shield

to cross over metal bridge gratings you should

ride straight accross

when following a vehicle you should try to

ride where the driver can see you in the rear view mirror

when riding through an intersection which position should you ride in?
position 1=left portion of lane
position 2=center portion of the lane
position 3=right portion of the lane

position 2 or 3

on a paved 2 lane road, sand and gravel are most likely to collect

near the sides of the road

with a properly adjusted mirror, you can see

part of the lane beside you and behind you

a group of riders from a staggered formation move into a single file line when

turning corners

if your throttle sticks

sqeeze the clutch and use the engine cuttoff switch

in a normal turn, lean your

motorcycle and your body at the same angle

if you have a flat tire while riding, hold the handle grips firmly and

use the brake of the good tire or avoid braking

you are being pursued by a police vehicle with its lights and sirens activated. you have deliberetly ignored the officers warning to stop and have sped away. during the pursuit a person is killed. you are subject to

imprisonment in a state prison for six years

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