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Chapeter 11

"This content was intended by Providence as a vast theatre on which to work out the grand experiment of Republican govenment, under the auspices of the Anglo-Saxon race.." This is an exaple of the idea of

Manifest Destiny

California's possible admission as a free state caused such a furor because it

Broke the balance of power in the Senate between slave and free states.

Before Texas gained it's independence in 1836, a major conflict between American settlers in Texas and the Mexican government was

Mexico's abolition of slavery.

Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States

gained New Mexico and Upper California.

The Compromise of 1850 included admitting _____ as a free state.


During the Mexican War, what happened in the southwest?

American settlers seized Sonoma and established the Republic of California.

The conflict between American troops commanded by General John C. Fremont and Mexican forces at Matamoros provided Polk with an ideal pretext for war with Mexico.


The peace treaty of 1783 with England granted the United States all the land..

drained by rivers flowing into the Atlantic.

American settlement in the Oregon region was centered in the

Williamette Valley.

"Our object is freedom-civil and religious freedom... This object we expect to obtain by a total separation from Mexico, as an independent community, a new republic, or by becoming a state of the United States..." The subject of the above was


"Oregon fever" refered to

the desire to go to Oregon.

According to your text, in the battle over the independence of Texas, the slaughters at Goliad and at _____, a former mission, made peaceful settlement of the dispute with Mexico almost impossible.

the Alamo.

William Marcy wrote "Two Years Before the Mast", describing his journey around South America to California.


When the Whigs nominated Henry Clay for presidency in 1844, their platform

ignored the question of Texas.

The reason the final Oregon Treaty between the United States and England was popular is that

the war with Mexico had begun.

In the election 1848, supporters of Martin Van Buren who opposed Lewis Cass were nicknamed


The final congressional maneuvering in the Compromise of 1850 was managed by Illinois newcomer William H. Seward.


Manifest Destiny might be best described as the belief that Americans were

God's chosen people.

In 1849, approximately 80,000 Americans migrated to California because of the

Start of the gold rush.

Clay lost the election of 1844, one might argue, due to the success of the Liberty Party in

New York.

Presidnet Polk's plans to defeat Mexico included

Taking possession of California and New Mexico.

According to "Mapping the Past: The Compromise of 1850", the ____ had the largest area of any free territory in 1850.

area freed by Missouri Compromise.

According to "Debating the Past: Did the Frontier Change Women's Roles?" most historians agree that frontier women worked ceaselessly in male-dominated families.


In the controversy leading to the Webster-Ashburn Treaty, England's main goal was to

build a military road.

One significant aspect of life on the westward trail in the 1840's was that it

was especially taxing for women.

In the debates over the Compromise of 1850, Henry Clay's most famous argument was that

Slavery did not need to be prohibited by a Wilmot Proviso, because the facts of geography and climate prevented it's establishment in the southwest.

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