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Grip mode
it allows you to edit the size, position, and rotation of a selected object
Where do you go to change snap and grid settings?
1. Bottom told bar right click on icon for Snap Mode, click on settings
2. In drafting settings under snap and grid
How to use the Window Polygon command
1. In command line enter SELECT and press enter
2. Type WP and press enter
3. click in the area you want
What is the correct method of selecting the object to stretch one of its legs?
Use a crossing window
Which key command allows you to cycle through snaps?
When rotating an object in the object rotates around
the base point
Creating an object using inferred constrains automatically applies coincident constraints for all of the following object snaps except for
Which allows you to view a drawing in 3D?
Use the view cube and Hold shift + middle mouse button
How to add a note
1. go to annotation drop down
2. click on big A
3. enter note
Which of the following volume calculations method is limited to material lists that have only two surfaces and cannot be used for material list that contain corridor shapes?
The composite method
Which is not a valid plot area property?
plots any portion of a drawing that you specify
plots what is currently displayed on screen
plots everything
plots everything within paper boundaries
How to change the plot of a drawing in the plotting settings
1. go to big A
2. print and then plot
How to joint to lines together to create one object
1.Select the lines first
2.go to modify on join
which of the following can Not have a break applied to them
what does not benefit of using layouts
layouts constraints
allows you to create multiple dimensions that are measured from a set point
allows you to line up dimensions that have unknown angles
allows you to add a dimension to any circle or arc
allows you to add an aligned string of dimensions
What would be the best thing to do to improve your computers performance while you work on individual layers in your drawing?
Freeze layers because it hides the layers
objects are created with the linetype that is assigned to the current layer
objects are created using the continuous lenitive until the line objects are combined into a block definition
Explicitly set
objects are created with that linetype regardless of the current layer
displays an unbroken line
this hatch or fill is updated when you modify its boundary objects
draw order
allows you to place a hatch or fill behind or in front of objects or hatch boundaries
pick points
determines a boundary from existing objects that form an enclosed area around the specified point
select object
determines a boundary from selected objects that form an enclosed area
what is not true about using blocks in autocad
uses millimeters only
what is not true about polylines
each line segment has it own properties
tool palettes
used to organize tools. this includes blocks, commands, hatch patterns
quick access toolbar
displays frequently used tools like the undo and redo buttons
navigation bar
floats along one side of the current drawing area
action recorder
creates and edits macros
displays a hierarchy of navigational icons
open drawings
displays a list of the drawings that are currently open
displays a list of files opened previously with designcenter
autodesk seek
provides content from the web page including blocks, symbol libraries, manufacturers content online catalogs
design center
organize drawings, hatches and other drawing content
design center toolbar
controls navigation and display of information in the tree view and the content area
autodesk seek
search and reuse shared digital design content