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  1. Group Norms
  2. Low-Ball Technique
  3. Expertise
  4. Limited Number Technique
  5. Yielding
  1. a The beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal
  2. b How much a source knows
  3. c Whether you accept the message
  4. d Start with a low-cost request that is likely to result in a "yes," and than later revealing hidden true costs
  5. e The item of interest exists in limited quantities so you must act now

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  1. Looking to others for cues about how to behave, while they are looking at you; collective miscommunication
  2. Illusion, caused by very slight movements of the eye, that a stationary point in a dark room is moving
  3. Revealing potentially incriminating evidence first to negate its impact
  4. Draws people in with an attractive offer that is unavailable and then switched them to a less attractive offer that is available
  5. Inattention and irritation that occurs after an audience has encountered some advertisement too many times

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  1. Public ComplianceGenuine inner belief that others are right


  2. Legitimization of Paltry Favors TechniqueThe item of interest exists in limited quantities so you must act now


  3. Pique TechniqueCaptures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion


  4. Labeling TechniqueAssigning a label to an individual and then making a request consistent with that label


  5. Central Route of Persuasion (Systematic Processing)Involves careful and thoughtful consideration of the content of the message (conscious processing)