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  1. meningocele
  2. cerebroma
  3. electroneuordiagnostic
  4. mucus
  5. hypotension
  1. a low blood pressure
  2. b herniation of the meninges
  3. c electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function
  4. d tumor of the cerebrum
  5. e watery substance secreted by mucous membranes

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  1. underdevelopment, decrease in size
  2. pertaining to the cerebrum and blood vessels
  3. the science that studies tumors
  4. pertaining to the cerebrum and spine
  5. study of tissues

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  1. craniotomyexcision of part of the skull


  2. atherosclerosishardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths


  3. craniometerinstrument used to measure the size of the skull


  4. lipomaresembling fat


  5. encephalomyelopathydisease condition of the brain and spinal cord