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  1. cerebritis
  2. encephalomyelopathy
  3. atherosclerosis
  4. meningitis
  5. tumor
  1. a inflammation of the meninges
  2. b inflammation of the cerebrum
  3. c hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths
  4. d abnormal growth of tissue
  5. e disease condition of the brain and spinal cord

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  1. tumor of a gland or glandular tissue
  2. pertaining to the head
  3. mucous membrane
  4. excision of part of the skull
  5. fatty tissue tumor

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  1. cerebralpertaining to the cerebrum


  2. cerebrumpertaining to the cerebrum


  3. mucuswatery substance secreted by mucous membranes


  4. cerebromatumor of the cerebrum


  5. craniumincision into the skull