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  1. carcinoma
  2. cerebral
  3. antineoplastic
  4. metastasis
  5. cranioplasty
  1. a agent that works against tumor growth
  2. b surgical repair of the skull
  3. c cancer of epithelial tissue
  4. d pertaining to the cerebrum
  5. e tumor that spreads beyond its origin

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  1. to spread beyond its origin
  2. cancer of connective tissue
  3. mucous membrane
  4. inflammation of the cerebrum
  5. hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths

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  1. craniometerskull


  2. neurodiagnosticpertaining to diagnostic studies performed to examine the nervous system by detecting electrical changes


  3. oncologistphysician specialist in disease involving tumors


  4. craniotomyexcision of part of the skull


  5. metastaticpertaining to the head


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