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  1. melanocarcinoma
  2. metastasize
  3. melanoma
  4. cerebritis
  5. lymphadenopathy
  1. a malignant (cancerous) melanoma
  2. b tumor involving growth of melanocytes
  3. c to spread beyond its origin
  4. d inflammation of the cerebrum
  5. e disease condition of the lymph glands

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  1. new growth
  2. inflammation of the meninges
  3. abnormal growth of tissue
  4. lymph tissue tumor
  5. electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function

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  1. carcinomacancer of epithelial tissue


  2. hypotensionhigh blood pressure


  3. metastatictumor that spreads beyond its origin


  4. electroencephalographinstrument used to turn brain waves into electrical patterns showing a picture of changes in activity


  5. cerebrospinalpertaining to the cerebrum