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  1. tumor
  2. electroencephalograph
  3. antineoplastic
  4. carcinoma
  5. melanocarcinoma
  1. a abnormal growth of tissue
  2. b malignant (cancerous) melanoma
  3. c agent that works against tumor growth
  4. d cancer of epithelial tissue
  5. e instrument used to turn brain waves into electrical patterns showing a picture of changes in activity

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  1. electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function
  2. underdevelopment, decrease in size
  3. high blood pressure
  4. pertaining to a gland
  5. tumor of the cerebrum

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  1. adenectomytumor of a gland or glandular tissue


  2. metastasistumor that spreads beyond its origin


  3. mucusmucous membrane


  4. craniometerinstrument used to measure the size of the skull


  5. cerebralpertaining to the cerebrum