50 terms

Access Ch 1

The purpose of a database is to store data so that information can be obtained easily by asking questions.
When data in a table becomes redundant,
it is usually an indication that you need a new table to contain information about the topic.
When you delete a field,
if you do so by mistake, you must repopulate every record.
A select query creates subsets of data to answer specific questions, then displays them in the query's datasheet.
To view a table in Design view:
in the Views group, click the View button and click Design View.
Raw, collected data--to which no structure has been added--is all that is needed for a database.
To rename a table, you can
right-click the table name in the Navigation Pane.
The Multiple Items form enables display or entry of multiple records, but with simplified layout.
The default field size for the Text data type is 255.
In Print Preview, if the Next Page button is dimmed, it means there are no more pages.
The Text data type can describe numbers not used in calculations.
To conserve space when planning a database, information should be organized by the largest useful parts possible.
You can view a table in either Datasheet view or Design view.
An Access record is saved when you
move to the next record.
The process of creating a query involves
choosing the table(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result.
Raw data that has been organized so as to become useful is also known as
To append data to a table, the table must be open.
The table Design view shows
the structure of the table.
Redundancy in databases is a desirable characteristic.
When records have no unique value, the AutoNumber data type is a useful way to automatically create a unique number for each record.
One purpose of a report is to
display the fields and records from a table in an easy-to-read format.
When importing data from an Excel workbook, you may NOT
append a copy of the records to an open, active table.
The most common database objects are
tables, forms, and reports.
Headers and footers in tables and queries can be edited by the user before printing.
Microsoft Access is NOT a relational database.
A field contains a single piece of information for each record.
The Design view icon features a pencil, a ruler, and a protractor.
The advantage of using a template when starting a new database is that
database objects are already created.
To append data to a table, the table must already be created, and it must be closed.
When you create a table using the Blank Database command, by default Access designates the first field as the primary key field.
Which of the following is a good candidate for a primary key?
A student ID in a college registration database.
Which view allows you to make quick changes to a report prior to printing it?
Layout view
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the Currency data type?
Data must be displayed with two decimal places.
The Caption property
displays a name for a field other than the field name.
The Access view that displays the table data in columns and rows is called
Datasheet view.
When creating a new table, Access does NOT
prevent the user from modifying the ID field.
To create a query using the Simple Query Wizard, you choose the data source and
field names.
Which of the following does NOT happen when you close an Access database?
The Access window will automatically close.
Good database design does NOT include
accessible coding so that users can alter the structure of the database.
The Unique check box is the indicator on the Ribbon in Datasheet view that a field is the primary key.
One purpose of a form is to
simplify data entry in a table
By default, tables are sorted in ascending order by the primary key field.
You can make permanent changes to a table's structure in either Datasheet view or Design view.
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of avoiding redundancy in a database?
Prevents unauthorized manipulation of data
A primary key refers to the field in the table that uniquely identifies a record.
A database object that retrieves specific data from one or more tables is a
Each table row contains all the categories of data pertaining to one entity and is called a
In Microsoft Access, all data is stored in one or more
To organize your database objects you must use the
Navigation Pane.
When data in a table becomes redundant, it usually means that you need fewer tables.