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A ________ identifies the patterns or colors assigned to the data series in the chart.
A ________ identifies the row and column that form the cell.
cell reference
A ________ is a graphic representation of numeric data.
A ________ is for information that can be organized into rows and columns.
A ________ is typically used to illustrate trends over time.
line chart
A ________ is useful for illustrating comparisons among related numbers.
column chart
A ________ is where a row and a column intersect.
A chart that is created in PowerPoint is stored as ________ that is incorporated into the PowerPoint file.
an Excel worksheet
A data series is a related set of
data points.
A presentation's ________ determine the fonts applied to two types of slide text: headings and body.
theme fonts
A presentation's ________ is applied to all text except the slide titles.
Body font
A presentation's ________ is applied to the slide titles.
Headings font
A value that originates in a worksheet cell is called a
data point.
A video can be restored to its original color by using the ________ option.
No Recolor
A(n) ________ is a sound or visual effect added to an object or text on a slide.
A(n) ________ is used to move an object off the screen.
Exit effect
An animation that highlights an object or text that is already displayed is called a(n)
Emphasis effect.
An entire table can be formatted using a ________, which formats the table so it is consistent with the presentation theme.
table style
Animations that bring a slide element onto the screen are called
Entrance effects.
Columns, bars, dots, or pie slices that represent a single data point in a chart are called
data markers.
Each ________ is represented by a color or pattern represented in the chart legend.
data series
In the Animation group, the ________ control the direction and sequence in which an animation plays.
Effect Options
PowerPoint's ________ command adjusts the height of the rows in a table so they are all equal.
Distribute Rows
The ________ section of a video timeline indicates the portion of the video that has been trimmed.
The ________ section of a video timeline indicates the portion of the video that will play during the slide show.
A PowerPoint presentation is made up of one or more ________ that can contain text, pictures, tables, charts, and other objects.
A ________ is a box on a slide with dashed or dotted borders that holds titles and body text, or other content such as charts, tables, or pictures.
A ________ is a collection of formatting options that you can apply to a picture, text, or an object.
A ________ is displayed after the last slide of the presentation and indicates that the presentation is over.
black slide
A ________ is text that displays at the bottom of every slide or that prints at the bottom of each sheet of slide handouts or notes pages.
A ________ is text that prints at the top of each sheet of slide handouts or notes pages.
A set of unified design elements that provides a look for a presentation by applying colors, fonts, and effects is called a(n)
A title slide contains two placeholder elements:
the title and the subtitle.
A(n) ________ is the arrangement of elements, such as title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, shapes, and movies on a slide.
Changing the appearance of the text, layout, and design of a slide is called
Changing the wording on a slide would be an example of
Decreasing the list level of a bullet point
decreases its indent and increases the text size.
Increasing the list level of a bullet point
increases its indent and decreases the text size.
Left, right, centered, and justified are examples of
text alignments.
Pictures can be made to look like sketches or paintings by applying
artistic effects.
PowerPoint's ________ displays a presentation in a similar manner to a slide show, but the taskbar, title bar, and status bar remain visible in the presentation window.
Reading view
PowerPoint's ________ is displayed below the Slide pane and provides an area for the user to enter information concerning the active slide.
Notes pane
Printed images of slides on a piece of paper are called
slide handouts.
The ________ appears above the selected picture and provides a way to rotate the image.
rotation handle
The ________ command allows you to locate all occurrences of specified text and replace it with alternative text.
The ________ displays the presentation either in the form of thumbnails or as an outline.
Slides/Outline pane
The ________ provides an introduction to the topic covered in the presentation.
title slide
The current slide number, number of slides in the presentation, and theme are among the items displayed in the
status bar.
A ________ border around a placeholder means that any formatting commands will be applied to all of the text within the placeholder.
A ________ is a single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies.
A box that appears on a slide with dotted or hatch-marked borders where text, charts, tables, or pictures can be placed is called a(n)
A button that turns a feature on and off is called a ________ button.
An object that allows you to position text anywhere on the slide is called a
text box.
Changing bulleted and numbered list styles on a slide is an example of
Combinations of formatting effects that can be applied to SmartArt graphics are called
SmartArt Styles.
If you wish to constrain an object's movement to a straight line either vertically or horizontally, you should hold down the ________ key while dragging the object.
In a ________ graphic you can include text and pictures and you can apply colors, effects, and styles that coordinate with the presentation theme.
Lines, arrows, stars, banners, ovals, and rectangles are examples of ________ that are used to illustrate an idea, a process, or a workflow.
Pointing to an image in the Clip Art pane causes a ________ to display that indicates the keywords and information about the size of the image.
PowerPoint's ________ removes unwanted portions of a picture so the picture does not appear as a self-contained rectangle.
Background Removal feature
The SmartArt graphic type ________ should be used to show a continual process.
The ________ feature reduces the size of a picture by removing vertical or horizontal edges.
The ________ graphic type used in a SmartArt graphic shows how parts relate to the whole.
The ________ provides predefined combinations of fill colors and line colors that can applied to shapes.
Shape Styles gallery
The ________ softens and blurs the outer edge of the selected picture so that it blends into the slide background.
soft edges effect
The color of the numbers in a numbered list is determined by the presentation
The inside color of text or of an object is called the ________.
fill color
To show a timeline, you should use the SmartArt graphic type
To show proportional relationships with the largest component on the top or bottom, use the SmartArt graphic type
Use the SmartArt graphic type ________ if you want to illustrate connections.
When an object is selected, it is surrounded by ________, which allow you to change the size of the object..
sizing handles
When the ________ displays, you know you can draw a shape.
crosshair pointer