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A database object that retrieves specific data from one or more tables is a
A flat database
is not related to any other collection of data.
A query is a database object that
retrieves specific data from one or more database tables or queries.
An Access record is saved when you
move to the next record.
Before populating a table, which is the correct sequence of steps?
Create and name the database, save the database, create and name the table.
Each table row contains all the categories of data pertaining to one entity and is called a
Good database design does NOT include
accessible coding so that users can alter the structure of the database.
Headers and footers for Microsoft Access tables and queries
are controlled by default settings and cannot be edited.
In Microsoft Access, all data is stored in one or more
One purpose of a form is to
simplify data entry in a table
One purpose of a report is to
display the fields and records from a table in an easy-to-read format.
Raw data that has been organized so as to become useful is also known as
The Access view that displays the table data in columns and rows is called
Datasheet view.
The Caption property
displays a name for a field other than the field name.
The advantage of using a template when starting a new database is that
database objects are already created.
The most common database objects are
tables, forms, and reports.
The process of creating a query involves
choosing the table(s) and selecting the fields you want to include in the query result.
The table Design view shows
the structure of the table.
To create a query using the Simple Query Wizard, you choose the data source and
field names.
To organize your database objects you must use the
Navigation Pane.
To rename a table, you can
right-click the table name in the Navigation Pane.
To view a table in Design view:
in the Views group, click the View button and click Design View.
When creating a new table, Access does NOT
prevent the user from modifying the ID field.
When data in a table becomes redundant,
it is usually an indication that you need a new table to contain information about the topic.
When importing data from an Excel workbook, you may NOT
append a copy of the records to an open, active table.
If you accidentally place two copies of the same table list in the Relationships window, which is the correct method for removing the extra table?
Right-click the table, and select Hide Table.
If you want the records in a table to be sorted by last name and then by first name within each last name, you would need to
sort Lastname as the outermost field in ascending order.
In a query, to sort Z to A by Department (outermost), then A to Z by Lastname (innermost),
Department would be to the left of Lastname in the query design grid.
Regarding the sorting of query results, which of the following is FALSE?
Only the sort order specified in Datasheet view is saved with the query design.
Sorting a table in descending order by a Last Name field would NOT
sort ONLY the Last Name field, thus mixing up the records.
The address 123 Main Street would NOT display using the criteria
?? Main St??
To create a crosstab query based on two tables, you must
create a select query on which to base the crosstab query.
To find a contribution amount of $300 or greater, the entry in the Amount field's criteria should be
To locate records in which a field is left blank, what should be used as the criteria for that field?
Is Null
When Baseball is placed on the Criteria row of the Sport field and Football is placed on the OR row for the same field, the only way to specify scholarship amounts greater than $400 for both sports is to
enter >400 on both the Criteria and OR rows in the field for the scholarship amount.
When establishing a relationship, common fields do NOT necessarily need to have
the same field name.
When looking for a date during the week beginning 8/2/2015 and ending 8/8/2015, which of the following would be the correct criteria?
Between 8/2/2015 and 8/8/2015
When searching for "Red" or "Rad" or "Rid" or "Rod", but NOT "Rodney" or "Reed" or "Ron", which of the following criteria should be used?
Where can you view the security and privacy settings for Access?
Trust Center
Which is the correct expression for calculating 20 percent of the existing field Cost?
Which is the primary advantage of creating a new query based on an existing query?
It saves time if your new query uses the same fields as the existing query.
Which of the following expressions would correctly add a calculated field named Discount that is 20 percent of the Price field?
Discount: [Price]*0.20
Which of the following is NOT a function that can be used with the Totals button?
Which of the following is NOT a true statement regarding a select query?
A complex select query should be created using the Query Wizard.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding security alerts?
They can be resolved permanently by most college users in the Trust Center.
Which of the following would NOT be displayed for a criteria of R*d?
A theme
should be applied before doing other formatting to a form.
Access forms can
be based on multiple tables.
Compared to Filter by Form, Filter by Selection
does not allow as much flexibility.
Compared to the Form tool, the Form Wizard
allows more flexibility in the layout and design of the form.
Form Layout view differs from Design view in that
only Form Layout view allows modifications while viewing data.
In Layout view, if the width of controls is insufficient to display all of the data, the field has been
In Layout view, the ________ is a small symbol displayed in the upper left corner used to move the entire group of controls.
layout selector
Organizing and summarizing data in a report can be accomplished by
grouping data.
Resizing sections in a form must be done in
Design view.
The OR condition
displays records that meet either of two criteria.
The Report Wizard
enables you to specify how the report data is grouped and sorted.
The advantage of resizing controls in Layout view rather than in Design view is
by seeing the content of the fields in Layout view, you can visually determine that the space allotted is adequate.
To print just one record from a form, which of the following would you choose in the Print dialog box?
the Selected Record(s) option
To view report data while making changes to a report, use
Layout view.
Using a form for data entry can increase the usefulness of a database by increasing
Using the"keep whole group together on one page" command ensures
labels, data, and totals will all be on one page as long as the data doesn't exceed one page.
When a field is too narrow to display numeric information, the data displays as
pound signs
When a filter is active, which of the following is NOT true?
A small funnel appears to the right of the database name in the title bar.
When viewing a report in Design view, which of the following is NOT a section name?
Form Footer
When you delete records in Access,
any records deleted by mistake must be reentered.
Which is NOT true concerning forms?
Every table must have at least one form.
Which of the following can display records based on values in one or more fields?
Filter by Form
Which of the following displays only records that contain the value in the selected field?
Filter by Selection
Which of the following is NOT true regarding a report?
It can be based on another report.
Which of the following would NOT be considered a design modification of a report?
Change the table on which the report is based.