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  1. peroration
  2. countenance
  3. evince
  4. redact
  5. duplicity
  1. a to show clearly
  2. b revise, edit
  3. c verb - to permit or tolerate
  4. d long speech characterized by lofty or pompous language
  5. e double-dealing, speaking or acting 2 diff. ways

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  1. to send or consign to an inferior position
  2. a feeling of extreme repugnance or aversion (dislike)
  3. incapable of being evaded
  4. to surround /w military forces, harassed
  5. to widen in scope OR to make greater in power,

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  1. superannuateto weaken


  2. purportto present, express, imply ~ usually falsely


  3. obsequiousfawning, obedient


  4. discernto perceive by the sight or other sense


  5. excoriateto denounce or berate severly