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Chpt 18 Drugs to treat Heart Failure

Digitalis glycosides Ace inhibitors Diuretics Beta-Adrenergic blockers Phosphodiesterase inhibitors Vasodilators Combo drug therapy
Common Digitalis Glycosides
Digoxin (Lanoxin)
Toxic serium levels over 1.8-2ng/ml
Need to check apical hr for one full minute prior to admin.
not given if hr is<60bpm
Digitalis Glycosides Action
Increase the myocardial contraction-which increase cardiac output and is a Positve inotropic effect
and Slow ellectrical activity in the heart which decreses HR which is a negative chronotropic effect. Combined the two effects produce more forceful contractions and allow for greater effeciency.
Digitalis Glycosides SE
anarexia, vision (halos) and severe bradycardia-can be fatal. If pt has toxic level administer Digoxin immune fab (Ovine) iv. rapid onset >1 minute
Ace Inhibitors Action
Lower bp and decrease bv, this increases cardiac output
decrases rpload and reduces peripheral edema.
Diuretics Action
Incease urine produciton which reduces blood volume and cardiac workload
Diuretic SE
rarely used alone to treat HF. Electrolyte imbalace that can cause severe cardiac problems.