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Exam 4

CH. 13-16
based on research findings that revealed that racial diversity in the classroom has positive consequences.
The U.S. Supreme Court's 2003 decision that racial diversity may be a criterion in admissions to colleges and universities was
cooperative learning.
According to Slavin (2003), a "practical, proven method for implementing contact theory in the desegregated classroom," is
perceived incompatibility of actions or goals
Conflict is defined as
Which of the following is NOT cited in the text as a method for resolving social dilemmas?
Prisoner and Commons Dilemma
Attempting to explain others' behavior dispositionally is a characteristic of
social dilemma
Some individuals have many children so that they can ensure someone will take care of them in the future. However, this contributes to the collective devastation of overpopulation. This is an example of
a social dilemma
Pursuing one's self-interest to the collective detriment of one's community or society is the central pattern in
Motto and Yoko are roommates and are experiencing a conflict about what type of cable television service is within their budget. They negotiate by having Yoko, who wanted a more expensive service, pay the remainder of the bill after both of them have paid for half of the cost of the less expensive service. What form of communication did Motto and Yoko use to resolve their conflict?
has little real effect on peoples behavior
According to research, it seems that just knowing about the dire consequences of noncooperation in a social dilemma
competition between the groups was introduced
In Sherif's research, the camper groups became hostile towards each other when
mirror image perceptions
The reciprocal views that parties in conflict often hold of one another are referred to as
either equality or the fulfillment of a need
Some noncapitalist cultures define justice not as equity but as
Mediators seek to establish _______ agreements that reconcile both parties' interests to their mutual benefit.
Osgood's (1980) GRIT strategy is an alternative that best fits into the _______ category of the "four C's of peacemaking."
situationally; dispositionally
In both the Prisoner's Dilemma and the Commons Dilemma, people are tempted to explain their own behavior _______ and others' behavior _______.
the opponents can communicate with one another.
Research on laboratory dilemmas reveals that cooperation is facilitated if
According to conflict researchers, you are more likely to divulge your needs and concerns if your relationship with your partner includes
According to Phinney (1990), someone who identifies with both his or her ethnic culture and the larger culture is said to have a _______ identity.
responsibility each person feels for it.
The smaller the group, the more
integrative agreement
Ahmed and Fatima, two teenage siblings, are fighting over the evening newspaper. Knowing Ahmed only wants the sports section and Fatima only wants the latest stock quotations, their mother takes the paper and gives each the section containing the news of interest. In this case the mother arrived at a(n)
Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic that conflict expert Deutsch (1993) advises negotiators to exhibit?
can stimulate improved human relations
The occurrence of conflict in any relationship
_______ occurs when a neutral third party studies a conflict and imposes a settlement
superordinate goals
Through the use of _______, Muzafer Sherif made boy camper enemies into friends.
statistical prediction is usually superior to expert intuition.
When researchers pit statistical prediction—such as predicting graduate school success using a formula that includes grades and aptitude scores—against interviewers' intuitive prediction,
only ourselves
According to Seligman's (2002) analysis of the attitudes that promote near-epidemic levels of depression in America, most of us feel that, if we do not "make it" in today's world, we can blame
with a pounding heart; no longer shy
Brodt and Zimbardo (1981) found that shy women who were bombarded with loud noise and told that it would leave them _______ were subsequently _______ when interacting with a handsome male.
"I've learned my lesson"
Which of the following is NOT an example of one of the components of a pessimistic explanatory style?
the confirmation bias
Research indicates that when interviewers are instructed to test for a trait, they tend to ask questions that show evidence of
if students or clinicians expected a particular association, they perceived it, regardless of whether the data was supportive
Chapman and Chapman had college students and professional clinicians study the relationship between patients' test performances and diagnoses. They found that
defensive pessimism
According to Lewinsohn and his colleagues (1985), which of the following does NOT belong in the vicious cycle of depression?
"It's going to last forever"
Which of the following attributions regarding a failure or setback illustrates the stable quality of a depressed person's explanatory style?
"It's going to affect everything I do"
Which of the following attributions regarding a failure or a setback illustrates the global quality of a depressed person's explanatory style?
Carefree procrastinator; higher
_____ students reported lower stress and illness early in the semester and _____ illness later in the semester
her own motivation
As a result of participating in a program to help her quit smoking, Anne has not had a cigarette for three weeks. She is least likely to return to smoking if she attributes her success in quitting the habit to
reduce their social anxiety
Research by Haemmerlie and Montgomery (1986) supported the notion that social skills training can lead shy men to
Myers suggests that the pervasiveness of illusory thinking points to the need for a _______ study of thought and behavior
explanatory style therapy
Maria's therapist instructed her to monitor her attributions for successes and failures.
Maria is probably participating in
Research suggests that the prediction of someone's future academic success is best when the prediction is based on
the definition of psychological disorder
According to the text, social psychology has contributed to all of the following except
illusory correlation
The text suggests that clinicians may continue to have confidence in uninformative or ambiguous tests because of human susceptibility to
the bias in after-the-fact explanations
After complaining of hearing voices, David Rosenhan and his associates were diagnosed as schizophrenic and hospitalized. Clinicians' subsequent attempts to explain the diagnosis demonstrated
people who say their marriage is satisfying rarely report being unhappy or depressed
Research on the relationship between marriage and happiness indicates that
close personal relationships
When people are asked, "What is necessary for your happiness?" most mention _________________ first.
behaviors of people undergoing psychotherapy come to fit the theories of their therapists
From the material presented in the text, which of the following is an accurate statement?
are too readily convinced of their own after-the-fact analyses
Research evidence suggests that professional clinicians
they had kept their secret to themselves
Compared with university women who have experienced nonsexual traumas, sexually abused women reported more health problems especially if
lonely people tend to perceive others in negative ways
Research on loneliness indicates that
depressed were quite accurate in estimating their degree of control
When researchers had relatively depressed and nondepressed university students observe whether their pressing a button was linked with whether a light came on, the results indicated that the
visit physicians more frequently
Numerous studies have found that women ___________ than men.
depression is both a cause and a consequence of their negative thinking
Research on the social thinking of those vulnerable to depression indicates that
Compared to nondepressed people, depressed people are more likely to attribute their failures and setbacks to causes that are
According to Martin Seligman, the decline of religion and family and the growth of the "you can do it" idea have contributed to a large increase in
Research indicates that heart disease is most clearly linked with an ____________ personality.
died at younger ages
Members of baseball's Hall of Fame who offered pessimistic explanations for bad events such as losing big games
Satisfaction with _______________ seems to be the best predictor of overall happiness.
Research suggests that an attitude of ______________ is generally good for health.
spend more time talking about themselves when conversing with a stranger
In contrast to those who are not lonely, lonely people tend to
can reduce anxiety by restricting people's ability to
According to Steele and Josephs (1990), the effect of alcohol myopia is that it`
expressed higher self-esteem in private self-ratings
Students who had been induced to write self-laudatory essays
Which of the following is not given as an example of a therapy that utilizes the "attitudes-follow-behavior" principle?
may see themselves as invulnerable and thus fail to take sensible precautions
Research suggest optimists
accept credit for their successes and to note how circumstances make things go wrong
Explanatory style therapy attempts to teach depressed people to
led to credit their changed eating behavior to their own effort
Graduates of a weight-control program were more successful in maintaining their weight loss if they had been
d. none of the above
Robyn Dawes, writing In House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth, reports that interviewers' ratings of medical school applicants were highly predictive of the applicants'
inescapable shock
Rats injected with live cancer cells were more likely to die of tumors if they also received _______________.
hindsight bias
What error in thinking may contribute to a person's feeling of guilt after a close relative commits suicide?
social influence on the interpretation of symptoms
The epidemic that suddenly affected secondary school students during a musical performance best illustrated the impact of
half or more of all heart attack victims die before seeking or receiving medical help
Studies on people's reactions to their own physical condition indicate that
Chronically lonely people tend to blame ________________ for their poor social relationships.
Jones is a psychologist who specializes in the causes and control of stress. Dr. Jones is most likely a(n) _________ psychologist.
I am a poor driver and always will be.
Philip suffers from chronic depression. How is he likely to respond when told that he failed the test to renew his driver's license?
control and optimism
Mary wants advice on how to cope with the stress of a new job. She would be best advised to approach her new job with a sense of
his own motivation
As a result of participating in a program to help him quit smoking, Bill has not had a cigarette for three weeks. He is least likely to return to smoking if he attributes his success in quitting the habit to
demonstrates the sadder-but-wiser effect
Valerie is a mildly depressed university student. From the research presented in the text on depression she
the patients are perhaps induced to give information that is consistent with Gayle's theoretical orientation
Gayle, a Freudian analyst, finds that, without exception, her patients report dreams closely related to their emotional problems and are easily understood in terms of Freud's theory of personality. From research presented in the text, what may best explain why the dreams and problems of Gayle's patients are so consistent with Freudian theory?
without conflict, people seldom face and resolve their problems
Which of the following is true of conflict?
self-serving behavior leads to collective doom
The tragedy of the commons illustrates how
illustrates the tragedy of the commons
Edney's Nuts Game
both players may win, both may lose, or one may win and the other may lose
In non-zero-sum games,
smaller; more
The __________________________ the commons, the ___________________________ responsibility each person feels for it.
the opponents can communicate with one another
Research on laboratory dilemmas reveals that cooperation is facilitated if
have proven to be helpful in reducing social dilemmas
Appeals to altruistic norms
strong; strong
People are likely to have high self-esteem if they have a ___________ ethnic identity and a ____________ mainstream cultural identity
seniority; productivity
In Japan, pay is more often based on _________ and less often based on ____________.
the offer of final-offer arbitration
According to the text, the integration of major league baseball with the arrival of Jackie Robinson included all of the following except
enough priority placed on equality to meet their own needs but also some reward for productivity
When Gregory Mitchell and his colleagues asked university students what standard of justice they would prefer if their own place on the economic ladder was unknown, they indicated that they would prefer
Shared goals that necessitate cooperative effort are said to be
mirror-image perception
The tendency of each party to a conflict to see itself as moral and peaceloving and the other as evil and aggressive is known as
overall, racial attitudes seem to have been little affected
According to Walter Stephan's review of the research, what has been the influence of school desegregation on racial attitudes in the United States?
if it is structured to convey equal status
Contact between opposing racial groups reduces hostility
Conflict between groups promotes ___________________________ within groups.
increase self-esteem, increase liking for school, improve race relations
Studies of the use of cooperative learning strategies in the schools have shown that such strategies can
jigsaw technique
Which of the following is a cooperative learning strategy used in schools?
when the conflict is over a pie that can shrink
Bargaining tough is likely to backfire
for reversing conflict through conciliation
The GRIT strategy was formulated as a plan
In playing the laboratory version of Prisoner's Dilemma, a person's outcome from any given decision will be better if he or she
results much like those obtained in western cultures
When Kaori Sato used a simulated forest to study the Commons Dilemma in a communal culture, he found
people were more cooperative in their play
When Robyn Dawes and his colleagues gave people a short sermon about group benefits, exploitation, and ethics before they played a dilemma game,
may actually increase tension between the two groups if the effort is unsuccessful
A cooperative effort engaged in by two previously conflicting groups
more enduring and lead to better ongoing relationships
Compared to compromises, integrative agreements are
the individuals as being representative of their group rather than as atypical
We are most likely to generalize positive interracial experiences with a few individuals to a more positive attitude toward a whole outgroup if we perceive
choosing between the final offers made by each side
In "final-offer arbitration," the third party settles a conflict by
their trust that the opposing side is well-intentioned
A key factor in determining whether people will communicate constructively and thereby correct misperceptions is
the GRIT model
The handling of the " Suez Canal crisis" by Canada's Lester B. Pearson was an application of_____________________ to international tension reduction.
a social dilemma
Two gas station owners in Roseville cut their gas prices in order to capture a portion of their competitor's business. However, neither gained any of the other's customers and in the long run both operated at a loss. This outcome best illustrates the dynamics of
an inequitable relationship
Rodney and Ralph are twin brothers who each contributed $75 to purchase a new bicycle. Rodney rides it 75 percent of the time. This would be an example of
mirror-image perception
John believes he is hard-working but his wife Rachel is lazy. Rachel believes she is hard-working but John is lazy. This is an example of
apartment dwellers install a television antenna they can all use
Which of the following best illustrates a superordinate goal?
placing White policemen on duty in predominantly Black residential neighborhoods
According to the text, contact between two conflicting racial groups can often improve relationships and correct misperceptions. Which kind of contact is, however, least likely to have that effect?
Work together on something
Sherif's studies of conflict in summer camp should lead one to suggest which of the following to a couple having marital difficulties?`
Factory workers want a pay rate of $15 per hour and management offers $12 per hour. After weeks of conflict they agree to have a third party set the pay scale. After hearing both sides the third party sets the rate at $14. This is an example of resolving conflict through
individuals, groups, and nations
The GRIT model could be applied to the reduction of conflict between
low self-esteem
Anwar, a Indo-Canadian, lacks a real sense of either his Indian or his Canadian identity. Anwar is especially likely to experience
integrative agreement
Kevin and Joel, two teenage brothers, are fighting over the evening newspaper. Knowing Kevin only wants the sports section and Joel only wants the latest stock quotations, their mother takes the paper and gives each boy the section containing the news of interest. In this case the mother arrived at a(n)
Put the eyewitness on the stand, since even a discredited eyewitness is more convincing than no eyewitness at all.
A prosecuting attorney is uncertain whether her eyewitness will seem credible to the jury. The eyewitness's testimony could help win a conviction, but the witness might be discredited by the defense attorney. What advice should the prosecutor accept?
Put the eyewitness on the stand, since even a discredited eyewitness is more convincing than no eyewitness at all.
Eyewitnesses' certainty about what they have seen is closely related to their accuracy.
Which of the following statements about eyewitness testimony is FALSE?
well educated
Research suggests that jurors in the minority will be most persuasive when they are all of the following EXCEPT
overturned a lower court ruling that death-qualified jurors are a biased sample
In 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court in a split decision
larger juries more accurately recall trial testimony.
Jury researcher Michael Saks (1998) reported that
suggestive questions , an eyewitness's own retelling of events, whether the person is an eyewitness for the defendant or the plaintiff
Eyewitness testimony can be distorted or biased by which of the following?
especially when the inadmissible evidence has an emotional impact.
Jurors have difficulty "erasing" the impact of inadmissible evidence
The jury verdict is usually the alternative favored by at least two-thirds of the jurors at the outset.
What is meant by the "two-thirds-majority" scheme?
are less likely to embody a community's diversity
Research indicates that six-member juries
even when their testimony was discredited.
At the University of Washington, Loftus (1979) found that eyewitnesses in a hypothetical robbery-murder case were influential
jurors have a hard time ignoring the evidence and its influence on their deliberations.
Research shows that when a judge rules evidence to be inadmissible and admonishes the jury to ignore it
being asked the same question repeatedly
An eyewitness gains confidence from which of the following sources?`
if he or she appears similar to the one who judges.
Someone accused of a crime is judged more sympathetically
nearly always accurate
Pryke and colleagues (2004) invited students to identify a prior class visitor from multiple lineups that separately presented face, body, and voice samples. When eyewitnesses consistently identified the same suspect by face, body, and voice, he or she was
Tim, an unattractive auto mechanic, with long hair
Who among the following is likely to receive the most severe sentence for drunk driving?
Ask witnesses to scan a lineup of several suspects or mug shots simultaneously rather than one at a time.
Which of the following is NOT a recommended strategy for increasing the accuracy of eyewitnesses and jurors?
A ) groups do no better at recalling information from a trial than do their individual members,
B) deliberation cancels out some of the biases that contaminate individual judgments.
C) deliberation increases the likelihood that jurors will use inadmissible evidence.
Research on the effects of group deliberation by a jury suggests that
Randy, a radio announcer who appears very confident about what he saw
Of the following eyewitnesses to a crime, who would probably appear most believable to a jury?
can help us formulate theories that we can then use to interpret the more complex world.
According to the text, simulated juries
the courtroom is a miniature social world where people think about and influence each other
From the text, which of the following is a true statement regarding social psychology and the courtroom?
believed both correct and incorrect eyewitnesses most of the time
Jurors who were asked to observe and evaluate eyewitnesses to the staged theft of a University of Alberta calculator
have a poorer memory of the culprits face
Research suggests that eyewitnesses who correctly remember trivial details surrounding a crime
a. eyewitnesses who have been discredited have no influence on a jury's judgments
b. when witnessing conditions are shown to have been poor, jurors usually do not believe the eyewitness testimony
c. eyewitnesses who are shown to have poor eyesight have no effect on the jurors' judgments
Studies of the impact of eyewitness testimony indicate that
a. by having witnesses make individual yes/no judgments in response to a sequence of people
b. with instructions that acknowledge that the offender may not be in the lineup
c. by using a lineup that contains no suspects and screening out those who make false identifications
Research has indicated that false lineup identifications can be reduced
how the physical environment of the jury room influences jurors' judgments
Which of the following is not part of the literature discussed in the text on social psychology and the courtroom?
recalled being more confident when making their initial judgment
Eyewitnesses who received confirming feedback on their testimony
the majority of students voted for conviction even if the eyesight of the eyewitness was called into question
When students were presented with a hypothetical robbery-murder with circumstantial evidence but no eyewitness testimony, only 18 percent voted for conviction. With the addition of eyewitness testimony to the circumstantial evidence,
the majority made a wrong identification
Buckhout (1974) had students witness an assault on a professor. Seven weeks later, the students, when asked to identify the assailant from a group of six photographs,
a. a yield sign was actually a stop sign
b. a red light was actually green
c. a robber had a moustache when he did not
Research on memory construction indicates that suggestive questioning can lead people to believe that
increases their confidence about what they saw, even if they were wrong
Research indicates that having eyewitnesses rehearse their answers to questions before taking the witness stand
jurors become more likely to trust such testimony
When experts provide jurors information on the conditions under which eyewitness accounts are trustworthy
four times in five the judge concurs with the jury's decision
Research comparing juries' decisions with those made by a judge has indicated that
less likely to be found guilty and if found guilty receive less punishment
Research on the physical attractiveness of defendants has indicated that physically attractive defendants are
judges instructions to ignore testimony
According to the text, a jury may demonstrate reactance in response to a
allows the court to edit out inadmissible evidence
Videotaped testimony
In a study designed to test people's understanding of judicial instructions, viewers of videotaped instructions could answer _____ percent of the questions posed to them about what they had heard.
as a forewarning before the evidence is presented
A judge's instructions to jurors that they ignore inadmissible evidence are most likely to be followed if given
to be found guilty of crimes involving negligence
Research has found that defendants with baby-faced features (those with large, round eyes and small chins) are more likely
40 percent indicated that it would have affected their verdicts
Freedman (1990) surveyed 151 jurors who served on 32 first degree murder trials in the Toronto area. When asked if they would have been more or less likely to vote for a guilty verdict if the case involved the death penalty
more likely to favor the prosecution
People who do not oppose the death penalty are
more authoritarian
Jurors who are more prone to vote guilty tend to be
these characteristics have their strongest effect when the evidence is ambiguous
Research on the individual characteristics of jurors, such as personality and general attitudes, indicates that
a minority that favors acquittal stands a better chance of influencing the majority than does a minority that favors conviction
Which of the following is true regarding the influence of minorities in jury deliberations?
group polarization
The fact that high authoritarians who initially recommended strong punishments were even more punitive after group deliberation suggests that ___________________________ can occur in juries.`
tend to be most influential in simulated juries
Jurors who are male and of high social status
may be persuasive if they are consistent and self-confident
From research on minority influence we can speculate that jurors in the minority
9 out of 10
Survey research findings report that ____________________ juries ultimately reach the verdict favored by the majority on the first ballot.
twelve heads are better than one
In terms of the number of people who deliberate, jury research suggests that
twelve-member juries elicit more total deliberation than six-member juries do
Studies comparing twelve-member juries with six-member juries indicate that
can help us formulate theories we can use to interpret the more complex world
According to the text, simulated juries
`Thressa's report immediately after a bank robbery. She was simply asked by police to tell in her own words what happened.
Whose eyewitness testimony is probably the most reliable?
Wilma, a 42-year-old mother of two who tends to be authoritarian
Attorney Johnson will be defending James S., who is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman. Who of the following jurors is likely to be least sympathetic to his client's case?
a. select Bill and Philip who are also university students to serve as jurors
b. have Mary appear in court as attractively dressed as possible
c. select jurors who oppose the death penalty
Attorney Miller is defending Mary, a 20-year-old university student, who is being tried for failing to pay income tax. What should she do to boost Mary's chances of being acquitted?
remind the jury before the trial that the victim's previous sexual history is irrelevant
You have just been appointed to serve as a new provincial judge. You are concerned about the effect inadmissible evidence may have on the jury in an upcoming trial of a case involving rape. You anticipate that the defense attorney will seek to introduce evidence regarding the victim's prior sexual history. To minimize the impact of such evidence on the jury, you should
be unable to reach a verdict and be a hung jury
A twelve-member jury has heard all the evidence in a child abuse case and is beginning to deliberate. At the outset five favor acquittal of the defendant and seven favor conviction. Based on research in the text, the jury will probably
they will be more convinced the evidence is insufficient to convict
After hearing evidence in a murder trial, twelve jurors tend to believe the evidence is insufficient to convict the 25-year-old Black defendant. According to the group polarization hypothesis, after the jurors deliberate
rape and battered women cases
Ellsworth and Mauro (1998) reported that gender seems to be linked with verdicts only in
the misinformation effect
After hearing a television report falsely indicating that drugs may have contributed to a recent auto accident, several eyewitnesses of the accident begin to remember the driver as traveling at a faster rate of speed than was actually the case. This provides an example of
police questions should be spontaneous, not scripted
All of the following are good procedures to follow when dealing with the lineup process EXCEPT
more convinced that the evidence was insufficient to convict.
After hearing evidence in a murder trial, ten jurors believed that the evidence was insufficient to convict the 25-year-old Black defendant. According to the group polarization hypothesis, after the jurors deliberated, they would be
the majority of jurors still voted for conviction
Loftus (1979) found that when an eyewitness who had testified against the defendant in a hypothetical robbery-murder case was discredited because of having poor vision
Eyewitnesses' certainty about what they have seen is closely related to their accuracy.
Which of the following statements about eyewitness testimony is FALSE?
According to the text, what factor helps explain why in acquaintance rape trials, men more often than women judge the defendant not guilty?
A judge's orders to ignore inadmissible testimony can boomerang—adding to the impact of the testimony.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
As a result of the judge's warning that the jury disregard evidence ruled inadmissible, the stricken evidence may have an even greater impact on the jury's decision than if it had not been ruled out. This is probably due to _______ in the jurors.
A) Give eyewitnesses a "blank" lineup that contains no suspects and screen out those who make false identifications.
B) Minimize false identifications with instructions that acknowledge that the offender may not be in the lineup.
C) Include one suspect and several known innocent people in the lineup rather than a group of several suspects.
Which of the following has been suggested as a strategy for reducing misidentifications in police lineups?
his political views were similar to their own.
When Amato (1979) had Australian students read evidence concerning a left- or right-wing person accused of a politically motivated burglary, they judged him less guilty if
correctly identify their high-stress interrogator 30 percent of the time.
After the study by Morgan and his team, they found soldiers, during a mock training session on survival, could
anger levels
The Guidelines for National Indicators of Subjective Well-Being and Ill-Being have questions available for assessing all of the following issues EXCEPT
There is a decrease in ocean temperatures
What is NOT true in relationship to our climate?
Steve will be happier
Steve strives for intimacy, personal growth, and ways to contribute to his community, whereas Ben works at "getting ahead" financially. In all likelihood
What does NOT enhance the quality of life?
We have nearly 7 billion people and 600 million cars.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
The United States has ___ percent of the world's population.
the importance of intrinsic and extrinsic values in happiness.
Mfezy's story of being brought up in a village full of love, and that she had not been "poor," is an example of
the poorest countries
Nearly all the expected population increases will be in
financial well being
Britain's New Economic Foundation 2009 National Accounts of Well-Being report measures all of the following EXCEPT
political acts supported by public attitude
Policies that would curb individual consumption require
reduced consumption
A source of hope for a sustainable future is
the adaptation level phenomenon
A 65-degree day seems warm in February but cold in July. This is best explained in terms o
Once a comfortable income level is reached, more money _____ long-term rewards.
installing "smart meters" that provide a continuous readout of electrical use.
Just as in Britain, the author suggests that we harness the power of immediate feedback by
risen dramatically
Among entering collegians, the proportion considering it "very important or essential" that they become "very well-off financially" has _______ between 1970 and 2005.
becoming very well off financially
For today's collegians, the goal of _______ has been at the top of their list in recent years.
less flooding in the rainy seasons
According to the text, global warming effects do NOT include
Koo and her colleagues (2008) had people write about how they might never have met their romantic partner. Compared to others who wrote about meeting their partner and imagining not having the relationship they expressed
temporary jolt of joy
Myers reported that lottery winners typically gain _______ from their winnings
perceive more control over their lives
People with more money
expanded fish populations
Exploding populations and increasing consumption have produced serious interrelated problems of all of the following EXCEPT
put more time in learning the problems and issues facing our world.
The author hopes that a shift to postmaterialist values will gain momentum as people, governments, and corporations take all of the following steps EXCEPT
few; many
_______ agree that money buys happiness, whereas _______ agree that a little more money will make one a little happier
less polluting waste
Technological advances will help sustain the planet because of
There is no correlation between national wealth and well-being.
Which statement is NOT true?
continuing to show that economic growth does not automatically improve human morale.
Social psychology can help point the way to greater well-being by documenting all of the following EXCEPT