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price support
the maintenance of a price at a certain level though government
an arrangement in which a buyer pays later for a purchase often on an installment plan with interest charges
Alfred E Smith
elected governor of NY. Democratic US Presidential candidate in 1928
Dow Jones Industrial Average
a measure based on the prices of the stocks of 30 large companies widely used as a barometer of the stock markets health
an involvement in risk business transactions in an effort to make a quick or large profit
buying on margin
the purchasing of stocks by paying only a small percentage of the price and borrowing the rest
Black Tuesday
a name given to October 29,1929 when stock prices fell sharply
Great Depression
a period, lasting from 1929 to 1940 in which the US economy was in severe decline and millions of Americans were unemployed
Hawley Smoot Tariff Act
a law enacted in 1930 that established the highest protective tariff in US history worsening the depression in American and Abroad
a neighborhood in which people live in makeshift shacks
soup kitchen
a place where free or low cost food is served to the needy
a line of people waiting for free food
Dust Bowl
the region including Texas Oklahoma Kansas Colorado and New Mexico that was made worthless for farming and drought and dust storms during 1920s
direct relief
the giving of money or food by the government directly to needy people
Herbert Hoover
President 31st professional mining engineer raised as a Quaker
Boulder Dam
a dam on the Colorado River, now called Hoover Dam that was built during the Great depression as part of the public works program intended to stimulate business and provide jobs
Federal Home Loan Bank Act
enacted 1931 that lowered home mortgage rates and allowed farmers to refinance their loans and avoid foreclosure
reconstruction finance company
an agency established in 1932 to provide emergency financing to banks life insurance companies RR's and other large businesses
Bonus Army
a group of WWl veterans and their families who marched on Washing ton DC in 1932 to demand the immediate payment of a bonus they had been promised for military service
Gross Domestic Product
GDP-sum total of goods & services produced
in the United States in 1 year.
2 consecutive quarters (3 months x 2 = 6 months) of negative growth in the GDP.
the process of taking possession of a mortgaged property as a result of the mortgagor's failure to keep up mortgage payments.
tenant farmers
a person who farms rented land
a tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop for rent
a person who is staying or working in a place for only a short time
Which option below was one of the causes of the Great Depression?
Unequal distribution of wealth
temporary programs to restart the economy
. Makeshift cities of homeless people during the Great Depression were known as
A significant effect of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff was that:
: American businesses benefitted while foreign trade decreased
President Franklin D. Roosevelt believed that declaring a bank holiday and creating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) would help the nation's banking system by
restoring public confidence in the banks
Which of the following is the most valid statement regarding the long-term economic effects of the Great Depression?
The role of the federal government was expanded
What natural calamity coincided with the New Deal and caused intensified and increased poverty throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other parts of the south?
the dustbowl
What does it mean to buy stocks on margin?
borrowing money to help pay for the stock
What were the major goals of the New Deal?
relief, recovery, and reform
Which of the following was the most clear form of direct relief?
President Franklin D. Roosevelt believed that declaring a bank holiday and creating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) would help the nation's banking system by
restoring public confidence in the banks
What was the name of FDR's plans and programs designed to meet the needs and problems of the Great Depression?
New Deal
This Program helped retirees
Social Security Act
Who was the first woman to serve in the Cabinet?
Francis Perkins
What protects one's money in the bank?
WWI veterans and their families who marched on Washington were referred to as the..
Bonus Army
Who helped organize the "Black Cabinet?"
Mary McLeod Bethune
Federal deposit insurance for banks stopped which of the following phenomena that was motivated by a lack of confidence in the financial industry?
runs on banks
What name was given to the men who rode the rails as they searched for work?
permanent programs to avoid another economic disaster
This president thought the federal government should not get involved in the economy. As a result, many Americans blamed him for the Great Depression. This caused him to lose the election in 1932.
Herbert Hoover
What two New Deal programs were found unconstitutional?
Which of the following New Deal laws/agencies regulated the buying and selling of stocks?
Securities and Exchange Commission
During the Great Depression, many people did lose their homes because they couldn't pay for them. They either had to live with family members or in makeshift "houses" made out of cardboard or whatever they could find. These were called "Hoovervilles" or ________________.
shanty towns
immediate action to halt the economic decline
What was the culminating event that brought the country out of the Great Depression?
The AAA provided money to:
farmers to reduce crop production
Which economic factor contributed most directly to the start of the Great Depression?
buying stocks on margin
New Deal ended the Great Depression.
What was the name given to President Roosevelt's plan to alter the Supreme Court to increase his power in having his New Deal legislation passed instead of having it struck down on constitutional grounds?
Court Packing
Who was president during the New Deal?
Franklin Roosevelt
Who was president at the time of the Stock Market Crash of 1929?
Herbert Hoover
Securities and Exchange Commission was...
Oversee stock trading and prevent fraud
How many terms was FDR elected to the office of presidency?
What was a guiding principle of the New Deal economic policies?
Government must assume more responsibility for helping the poor
FDR addressed the American public in weekly broadcasts known as:
Fireside Chats
During the Great Depression, the overall unemployment rate was about
Which of the following was NOT a part of FDR's three R's of the New Deal?
What was the unemployment rate during the Great Depression?
In the 1930's, people would line up at ____________ to get food. These were normally run by charities.
soup kitchens
Going to the movies in the 1930s
Helped people escape their own problems
What was Hoover's belief about the governments involvement in businesses and individuals?
The government should avoid direct involvement
October 29th, 1929
Black Tuesday
Franklin D Roosevelt
democrat two term governor of NY, reform minded leader working to combat unemployment and poverty
New Deal
designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression "a new deal for the American people" focused on three general goals: relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform
Glass- Stegall Act
established FDIC reorganize the banking system; federal insurance for individual bank accounts
Federal Securities Act
required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings and made them liable for any misrepresentations
Agricultural Adjustment Act
law enacted to raise crop prices by paying famers to leave a certain amount of heir land unplanted this lowering functions
Civilian Conservation Corps
an agency established as part of the New Deal that put young unemployed men tot work building roads developing parks planting trees and helping in erosion control and flood projects
National Industrial recovery Act
a law enacted in 1933 to establish codes of fair practice for industries to promote industrial growth
deficit spending
a governments spending of more money that it receives in revenue
Huey Long
politician, 40th governor of Louisiana meter of US Senate; supporter of the New Deal turned against roosevelt
Eleanor roosevelt
FDR wife, social reformer who combined her deep humanitarian impulses with great political skills
Works Progress Administration
on agency established as part of the second new deal that provided the unemployed with jobs in construction garment making teaching the arts and other fields
National Youth Administration
provided young americans with aid and employment during the great depression
Wagner act
1935 to protest workers rights after the supreme court declared the National industrial recovery Act unconstitutional
Social Security Act
1935 to provide aid to retirees the unemployed, people with disablities, and families with dependent children
Francis Perkins
became America's first female cabinet member security, labor major role in creating ss system and supervised labor legislation
Mary McLeod Bethune
an educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young african americans; head of the Division of Negro Affairs of he National Youth Admin
John Collier
commissioner of indian affairs helped createindian reorganization of indian affairs
New Deal Coalition
alliance of diverse groups
congress of Industrial organizations
a labor organization composed of industrial unions founded in 1938 merged with AFL in 1955
Gone with the Wind
famous film 1939 offered pure escape form the hard realities of the depression by presenting visions of wealth, romance and good times
orson Wells
actor, director, producer and writer created renowned ratio networks of all time "the war of worlds"
Grant Woods
american painter "american gothic"
Richard Wright
African American author novel "Native Son"
The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck, reveals lives of Oklahomans who left the Dust Bowl and ended up in California, continued hardships
Federal deposit insurance corp
regulates us communications industries including radio and tv
securities and exchange common
monitors stock market and forces laws regulating the sale of stocks and bonds
National Labor Realtions Board
prevent unfair labor practices and to mediate disputes between workers and management
government supported level for the prices of agricultural products intended to keep farmer income steady
Tennessee Valley Authority
federal corporation established in 1933 to constrict dams and power plants in the Tennessee valley region to generate electricity as well s to prevent floods
Scottsboror Boys
nine african american teenagers accused in alabama for raping two white american women on a train in 1931
rugged individualism
the idea that people should succeed though their own efforts