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People in the United States access government websites to view census data, file taxes, apply for permits and licenses, pay parking tickets, buy stamps, report crimes, apply for financial aid, and renew vehicle registrations and driver's licenses. Many people and companies use online banking or finance software to pay bills, track personal income and expenses, manage investments, and evaluate financial plans. You can purchase just about any product or service on the web, including groceries, flowers, books, computers and mobile devices, music, movies, airline tickets, and concert tickets, from an online retailer. You can use computers and mobile devices to listen to audio clips or live audio; watch video clips, television shows, or live performances and events; read a book, magazine, or newspaper; and play a myriad of games individually or with others. Hospitals and doctors use computers and mobile devices to maintain and access patient records; computers and mobile devices monitor patients' vital signs in hospital rooms and at home; patients use computers to manage health conditions, such as diabetes; robots deliver medication to nurses' stations in hospitals; computers and computerized devices assist doctors, nurses, and technicians with medical tests; doctors use the web and medical software to assist with researching and diagnosing health conditions; doctors use email, text messaging, and other communications services to correspond with patients; patients use computers and mobile devices to refill prescriptions, and pharmacists use computers to file insurance claims and provide customers with vital information about their medications; surgeons implant computerized devices, such as pacemakers, that allow patients to live longer; surgeons use computer-controlled devices to provide them with greater precision during operations, ; medical staff create labels for medicine, hospital ID bracelets, and more. GPS technology assists travelers with creating maps, determining the best route between two points, locating a lost person or stolen object, monitoring a person's or object's movement, determining altitude, calculating speed, and finding points of interest. Many websites offer services to the public where you can search for and compare flights and prices, order airline tickets, or reserve a rental car. Scientists use computers to assist them with collecting, analyzing, and modeling data. Scientists also use the Internet to communicate with colleagues around the world. Many publishers of books, magazines, newspapers, music, film, and video make their works available online. Computeraided manufacturing (CAM) refers to the use of computers to assist with manufacturing processes, such as fabrication and assembly.
An informational and research website contains factual information, such as libraries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, and guides. A media sharing site is a website that enables members to manage and share media such as photos, videos, and music. A bookmarking site is a website that enables members to organize, tag, and share links to media and other online content. News, weather, sports, and other mass media websites contain newsworthy material. An educational website offers exciting, challenging avenues for formal and informal teaching and learning. A business website contains content that increases brand awareness, provides company background or other information, and/or promotes or sells products or services. A blog is an informal website consisting of time-stamped articles, or posts, in a diary or journal format, usually listed in reverse chronological order. A wiki is a type of collaborative website that allows users to create, add, modify, or delete the website content via a browser. Many websites provide up-to-date medical, fitness, nutrition, or exercise information for public access; some offer users the capability of listening to health-related seminars and discussions. Several websites contain information about space exploration, astronomy, physics, earth sciences, microgravity, robotics, and other branches of science; scientists use online social networks to collaborate on the web. An entertainment website offers music, videos, shows, performances, events, sports, games, and more in an interactive and engaging environment. Online banking and online trading enable users to access their financial records from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. Travel and tourism websites enable users to research travel options and make travel arrangements. Several mapping website and web apps exist that enable you to display up-to-date maps by searching for an address, postal code, phone number, or point of interest (such as an airport, lodging, or historical site). You can purchase just about any product or service on the web, a process that sometimes is called e-retail; with an online auction, users bid on an item being sold by someone else. Job search websites list thousands of openings in hundreds of fields, companies, and locations. E-commerce is a business transaction that occurs over an electronic network, such as the Internet. A portal is a website that offers a variety of Internet services from a single, convenient location. A content aggregation website or web app, sometimes called a curation website, allows users to collect and compile content from a variety of websites about a particular topic or theme. Web creation and management sites provide tools that support the steps in creating and publishing websites