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Quota hora est?

What time is it?

est hora prima

it's one o'clock

est hora secunda

it's two o'clock

est hora tertia

it's three o'clock

est hora quarta

it's four o'clock

est hora quinta

it's five o'clock

est hora sexta

it's six o'clock

est hora septima

it's seven o'clock

est hora octava

it's eight o'clock

est hora nona

it's nine o'clock

est hora decima

it's ten o'clock

est hora undecima

it's eleven o'clock

est hora duodecima

it's twelve o'clock

est hora prima et quadrans

it's a quarter past one

est hora prima et dimidia

it's half past one

est hora prima et dodrans

it's three quarters past one

est meridies

it's midday

es media nox

it's midnight

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