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Famous Philosophers

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

Greek statues

Very realistic, studied bodies moving to get statues perfect

Greek painting

Realism and detailed, pictures on vases show scenes from myths, used black and red

The Parthenon

Temple in Athens on the acropolis, built by Pericles to honor Athena,

Columns in Parthenon

Made to bulge slightly in middle so they would look perfectly straight, simple design called Doric


Considered to be greatest sculptor in Greece, made statue of Athena in Parthenon

Doric column

Simple design with no decoration at the top

Greek writing

Created dramas or plays, that were tragedy and comedy , and wrote about history


Unbiased, not favoring either side in a conflict

Greek tragedy

Plays that were about hardships faced by Greek heroes, or bad mistakes, Aeschlyus and Sophocles wrote tragedies


Wrote tragedy about a Greek hero who killed his father by mistake

Greek Comedy

Made fun of people and ideas, Aristophenes wrote comedy


He Wrote comedy to make serious points about war, courts of law and famous people


Another person besides Sophocles who wrote Greek tragedies


People who believe in the power of the human mind to think, explain and understand life


Most famous philosopher, teacher and thinker, sentenced to death by poison, taught by asked questions

Socratic method

A type of teaching that has teacher asking questions instead of just giving information, and asking more questions after you get answers


Student of Socrates, teacher and philosopher, created school The Academy, wrote The Republic, wanted society to be run by philosophers

The Academy

School created by Plato where students, philospohers anf scientists could discuss their ideas

The Republic

Written by Plato, it describes his idea of ideal society that was just and fair and run by philosophers because they understand whatis best for everyone


Greatest Greek thinker, student ofPlato, taught that people should live lives of moderation or balance, logic


Idea of balance, Aristotle's idea to find balance between 2 extremes, basedon reason


Clear and ordered thinking


Process of making inferences, Aristotle's idea to get information from what you already know is true

Example of how logic works

if you know Socrates lives in Athens and Athens is in Greece, then logic says Socrates lives in Greece


Worl's greatest Mathematician, made rules for Geometry still used today, lived in Alexandria in Egypt


Study of lines angles and shapes


A woman who taught about math and astronomy


Greek doctor who worked on figuring out what caused diseases, known for ideas of how doctors should behave - ethically

Hippocratic Oath

A pledge doctors say to behave ethically when they finish medical school


Greek scientist who invented water screw to help bring water from lower field to higher field

Two types of Greek drama

Tragedy and comedy


Greek historian, wrote about Peloponnesian War, in neutral voice, not favoring Athens, wanted people to learn from mistakes and avoid similar wars

Death of Socrates

He drank poison, was surrounded by friends, he was calm, they were very upset


City in Egypt that was a great center of learning

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