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Health Benefits of Physical Activity

What are the Physical Benefits of exercise?
1. helps your health-cardiovascular, strong heart, makes heart more efficient-gives you energy-lowers blood pressure and cholestoral.
2. weight management-less chance of obesity, diabetes etc.
3. increases bone strength-the more exercise, the stronger your bones will stay.
4. increases balance and coordination reduces risk of injury.
What are the psychological benefits of physical activity?
1. Releases endorphines that make you happy
2. Serves as a stress-relief-self confident, focus
3. Lowers stress levels
What are the Social Benefits of exercise?
1. It can exercise with friends, good opportunity
2. Make new friends and teammates
What is Cardio Respiratory Fitness?
When you are working to get your heart rate up 3 to 5 times a week between 22-40 minutes.
How do you measure target heart rate?
1. Find MaxHR : 220-age for boys - age for girls
2. Find RHR for 1 minute
3. subtract RHR from MHR
4. Mult. By. 6 to get # (round) and mult. By .8 to get second # (round)
5. Add RHR to each # from 4 gives you range for target HR.
What is Muscular Strength?
The amount of weight that can be lifted one more time.
What is Muscular Endurance?
The ability of your muscle to work for over a long period of time.
What is Flexibility?
Lower weight, Lower repetitions. The ability to move a joint through it's entire range of motion.
What is Body Composition?
Amount of fat tissue compared to muscle tissue.
What are 5 types of physical activity?
1. Aerobic
2. Anaerobic
3. Isometric
4. Isotonic
5. Isokinetic
What is Aerobic Activity?
Raises your heartbeat for over 20 minutes or more.
What is Anaerobic Activity?
A physical activity that is only a few seconds or a few minutes.
What is Isometric Activity?
Muscle contracts but there is very little movement.
What is Isotonic Activity?
Contracting muscles through their full range of motion, pull up- push up.
What is Isokinetic Activity?
Usually rehab situation machines help maintain a constant tensive on a muscle to build it up.